LEGION vs The Order of Orochi
Bruiser Breton vs Crimson Mask (Canadian Heritage Championship)
Sammy Devine & Anton Petrov vs Jay Deschain & Joshua Rapture
Future Shock vs Those That Would Inflict Ill
Cuzin Eddie vs Squirrelly Nuttz (Falls Count Anywhere)
The Phenomenons vs A-Team (Tag Team Championship)

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Breaking – DEM GOBS out of action!

In a developing story, NAPW-Online has learned that DEM GOBS — scheduled to face LEGION in tag team action tomorrow night at Sylvan Lake — will not make it to Alberta!

Stephen T Darling, manager to HatRED and ShaGREEN, made a frantic call to Commissioner Terry Brandon, reporting that his charges were found, beaten and unconscious, deep in the underground mines of New Gob City. According to Darling, there were no hints to the perpetrators identities… in fact, it was as if nobody had been there at all! “And no surface-dwellers ever enter the Underground, hell, I meet them at a secret tunnel exit!”

Mysterious circumstances notwithstanding, NAPW fans will have to wait a little while longer to see DEM GOBS debut in competition. Hopefully ShaGREEN and HatRED make a quick recovery!

LEGION will still compete tomorrow at BEACH BLANKET BODYSLAMS against the cunning, sinister ORDER OF OROCHI.

Stay tuned for more as this story develops…



Andellion Moonwater vs Clancy King vs Felicity Banks vs Blake Taylor
Cuzin Eddie vs Squirrelly Nuttz (Falls Count Anywhere)
Kris & Chase Jacobson vs Kentucky Hellbillies
Lardo vs Bristol Bush
SCARS (Whitworth/Richards) vs Sons of Tradition (Pat Gordon Jr & Grillo Jr)
Gabbin’ With Gustav with: the Phenomenons
Abbey Graves vs Declan Black (World Championship)

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Best Overall Singles Wrestler

1. Abbey Graves (68%)
2. Jay Deschain (21%)
3. Anton Petrov (11%)

Best Overall Tag Team

1. The Rabble (58%)
2. Phenomenons (26%)
3. A-Team (16%)

Most Popular Wrestler

1. Abbey Graves (37%)
2. Sammy Devine (26%)
3. Kris Jacobson (16%)

Most Hated Wrestler

1. Jay Deschain (32%)
2. Joshua Rapture (26%)
2. (tie) The Rabble (16%)
2. (tie) Clancy King (16%)

Breakout Star

1. Abbey Graves (53%)
2. Phenomenons (37%)
3. Kris Jacobson (11%)

Best Match (September-June)

1. (tie) Battlebowl (Graves vs Moonwater vs Rapture vs Deschain vs Masakre vs Southside) (26%)
1. (tie) TAGSTRAVAGANZA (Rabble vs Those That Would Inflict Ill vs Future Shock vs Phenomenons) (26%)
2. (tie) Atlas vs Chris Casino (11%)
2. (tie) TLC (Usual Suspects vs A-Team vs Kentucky Hellbillies vs The Rabble) (11%)
3. Sammy Devine vs Jay Deschain (5%)

Jack Jones “Holy Hell” Moment

1. Chris Casino revealed as The Shadow (32%)
2. The entire locker room supports Cuzin Eddie against the Hellbillies (21%)
3. (tie) Jay Deschain blasts Kris Jacobson with a steel chair to win Canada Cup (16%)
3. (tie) Jay Deschain causes Abbey Graves to get disqualified in their title match (16%)

Most Compelling Feud

1. Atlas vs The Shadow/Chris Casino (28%)
2. Andellion Moonwater vs Joshua Rapture (22%)
3. Abbey Graves vs Clancy King vs Anton Petrov (17%)

Best Overall Show

2. House of Cards (21%)
3. Battlebowl ’13 (11%)

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