House Show 09/27/14

Calgary, AB
September 27, 2014

Cuzin Eddie pinned the “Hapsburg Hammer” Baron Von Powerbomb with the Timber piledriver. “Everybody’s favourite cousin” then brought some fans into the ring and square-danced with them.

Rock City Wrecking Crew (Prince Wadjethotep & Squirrelly Nuttz) destroyed the debuting Super Skull Force in a short, violent match. Rock City won after hitting the Empire Mill End Game on Super Moe-Chan.

-In a fast-paced contest, ”Starmaker” Sammy Devine scored a victory over Viper Tokara with the Divine Intervention. Devine got on the mic and promised to take the Canadian Heritage Title back from Bruiser Breton tomorrow night at Sole Survivor.

Andellion Moonwater faced off against Clancy King in the next match. Blake Taylor’s continued interference on behalf of King brought out Crimson Mask to even the odds. Their melee spilled into the ring. The referee threw out the original singles match, and turned it into a tag team match…

Clancy King & Blake Taylor defeated Andellion Moonwater & Crimson Mask in a great tag team match. Moonwater and Mask hit stereo dives. An unexpected distraction from Baron Von Powerbomb allowed Taylor to run Moonwater into the steel ring steps. Crimson Mask went to the top rope. Taylor crotched Mask onto the turnbuckle, and King pulled him off the top into the Coronation for the one-two-three. King, Taylor, and Von Powerbomb left together.

-NAPW Tag Team Champions The Phenomenons came out for an interview. They handed out flyers to the front row asking for information on the sack of fake title belts. The Phenomenons promised to win all the belts ever tomorrow night in Edmonton and take care of The Rabble. About twenty Rabble Rousers arrived and partied in the aisle. This allowed Ernst, Greta & Gustav to sneak-attack the champs. Ernst powerbombed Trailer Park Luchadore through a table. Shane Stone received Get Eurotrashed. The Rabble hit Eric Cameron with a sick triple-team to finish it up. Ernst lifted Cameron for a powerbomb, Gustav came off the top with a blockbuster, and Greta connected with the Codebreaker. Cameron looked in bad shape as the Rabble partied off with their Rousers.

-In a battle of los luchadores, Grillo Jr squared off against the six-foot-eight masked El Honcho. A chorus of “cricket whistles” from the “Bug Buddy Cricket Club” helped Grillo rally and earn the victory with his Crack-It finisher.

-In a “Battle of the Big Men,” the veteran Nuker defeated the powerful Python with his “Fat Man” powerbomb. Viper Tokara attacked Nuker after the bell. The Mexecutioner made the save with flying headscissors and springboards. The lights went out and LEGION appeared. Masakare & Matanza assaulted all three men, culminating in a stunning Total Masakre on the three-hundred-pound-plus Nuker, and Mass Matanza on the powerful Python. The lights again went out. The symbol of “Anubis” appeared on the video wall, and when the lights returned, all that remained were four KO’d men on the canvas.

-Number one contender “The Perfect Storm” Jay Deschain cut a promo, promising to take the NAPW World Championship and end Abbey Graves’ career tomorrow night in Edmonton. The crowd booed him out of the building.

Kris & Chase Jacobson squared off against the Kentucky Hellbillies in a rematch from River Valley Rumble. After withstanding a brutal assault, Kris made the hot tag to his father Chase. A Frankensteiner took Mitchell to the floor. Chase then nailed a Lion-Steiner on Marshall, allowing Kris to connect with the Winner’s Circle backsplash. Chase covered for the pinfall victory, giving the father-son duo their first win as a team, and payback for the Hellbillies beatdown of Chase in June.

-In the main event, a tremendous bout between “The Soviet Slaughterhouse” Anton Petrov vs “The Black Dragon” Declan Black ended in a disqualification after Squirrelly Nuttz and Prince Wadjethotep attacked Petrov. This brought out Cuzin Eddie and Crimson Mask, and then the entire locker room emptied, brawling in the ring! Bodies went flying over the top rope, and in a possible preview of Sole Survivor, Anton Petrov gorilla pressed Declan Black over the top onto a crowd of NAPW superstars! Petrov stood tall in the ring, will this be the story in Edmonton tomorrow night?

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