Black March 03/28/2015

Nuker & Mantaurs vs Firestarters
Cuzin Eddie vs Squirrelly Nuttz
Prince Wadjethotep © vs Sammy Devine (2/3 Falls for the Canadian Heritage Championship)
Those That Would Inflict Ill © vs Angels of Cowtown (Tag Team Championship)
Young Turks vs LEGION
Abbey Graves vs Bruiser Breton (No Disqualification)
Declan Black © vs Kris Jacobson (NAPW World Championship)

The fans pop as ‘The Soviet Slaughterhouse’ and former NAPW Champion Anton Petrov makes an entrance. Anton is wearing fatigues. Petrov informs the crowd that due to constant trouble from The Dynasty, NAPW has become a warzone… and how better to be the special ‘enforcer’ for the evening and will be spending the entire night at ringside keeping an eye out for trouble! The fans start up a wild ‘Petrov’ chant as the big man stalks his way to the ring, and we’re off and running with…




Out first, to the disgust of the fans, are The Firestarters! Next out, to a big ovation are the trio of The Mantaurs and Nuker! No sooner have the trio hit the ring than they’re attacked by The Firestarters! The referee calls for the bell and after several minutes of wild action he finally gets control of the match. Mantaur #2 gets stuck on the wrong side of the ring and The Firestarters use quick tags to keep their opponent off balance. The Firestarters get a pair of near falls on Mantaur #2 before he can make the (no pun) hot tag to Nuker! Nuker cleans house and with the help of The Mantaurs, he hits his ‘Fat Man’ finisher on Madd Maxx and scores the three count!

As the Mantaurs and Nuker celebrate they never see Inferno pull something out of his boot and the fans gasp in horror as a ball of fire flashes in the face of Nuker! The Firestarters head for the hills as Mantaurs and the medical staff rush to the aid of a burned Nuker.

Winners of the Match – Nuker / Mantaurs
Time of Match: 5:04


Next up is a title match…Of sorts.

Cuzin Eddie comes out to a great pop from the capacity crowd and even takes a moment to pose with a fan who is dressed exactly like him. As he slides in the ring, Anton stands up and watches intently as the self-proclaimed champion emerges from the back. The unrecognized NAPW Pure Honor Champion and Dynasty member, Squirrelly Nuttz, steps out from the back and gets more than the usual share of love from the crowd. Not that he gives a sh*t as he heads towards the ring, Championship belt slung over his shoulder. He stops for a moment, eyes Anton and then gets into the ring.


The match starts off as one would suspect, as a batsh*t wild brawl. Pure Honor rules? Maybe Pure Horror rules would better describe this. The match quickly spills outside and then into the crowd. As security keeps the fans at bay, Eddie wallops Squirrelly with a chair shot, or three. Nuttz doesn’t care as he shrugs it off and takes Eddie to the sticky floor. The referee is among the crowd and is almost pleading with the duo to bring the fight back into the ring. Nuttz has taken a fork from his boot and starts to jab at the scalp of Eddie opening him up. A backdrop from Eddie sends Squirrelly back onto the floor. Eddie drags Nuttz from the floor and hurls him into a row of now empty chairs sending them scattering everywhere. Anton is now in the crowd but seems more focused to see if any of The Dynasty will show up than the brawl happening before him.

The two men finally make their way back to ringside, Eddie bleeding badly, and the fans are loving every minute of it. Eddie buckles Nuttz by using the ringbell to crack him upside the head. Both men have been opened up and Nuttz rolls back into the ring. Eddie pulls back the ring apron, pulls out a table and slides it into the ring to a huge pop. Eddie sets the table up in the center of the ring, turns and takes a low blow from Squirrelly. Alabama slam through the table gets Squirrelly a close two count! Now it’s Nuttz on the outside and he drags out a ladder from under the ring. Squirrelly is back in and sets the ladder up, kicking Eddie in the head for good measure. Squirrelly starts to head to the top! Eddie grabs the ladder and pushes sending Nuttz out over the top rope and crashing through the announce table sending Bill Hewson and Jack Jones scrambling for safety! A glorious ‘Holy Shit’ chant explodes through the building and even Anton looks amused at the carnage. Slowly a bloody Eddie rolls to the outside, uncovers Nuttz from the debris of the table and rolls him into the ring. Eddie covers and gets a 2 & 3/4ths!! Eddie looks shocked and pulls Nuttz to his feet, shooting him into the ropes. Lawn Dart from Nuttz! Package Piledriver on the remains of the table inside the ring! Nuttz hooks a leg and we get another 2 & 3/4th count! Nuttz pulls a bloody Eddie to his feet. He drags him over to the knocked over ladder, but before he can do anything, Eddie suddenly has his LUCKY HORSESHOE! He pulls it out of his overalls and CLANGS Nuttz in the head with it. Eddie grabs Squirrelly and hits a Death Valley Driver onto the ladder! Eddie throws an arm over Squirrelly and the referee is all to happy to make the three count! The fans are on their feet applauding both men

…A bloodied Nuttz drags himself to the ring apron and asks for a microphone. He gleefully tells Eddie he might have won the match BUT because Eddie used a closed fist, Eddie does NOT win the NAPW ‘Pure Honor’ Title. A handful of fans actually cheer this and Eddie just shrugs it off. Another brutal war with Squirrelly is in the books.

Winner of the Match – Cuzin’ Eddie
Time of Match: 11:59


As the ring crew clear the ring and the two bloody and battered wrestlers head to the back it’s time for our first title match! Sammy Devine heads out from the back, takes a minute to toss out some Devine Army tee shirts and hits the ring! The fans love Sammy and their love quickly turns to hate as another Dynasty member steps out from the back. The NAPW Canadian Heritage Champion Prince Wadjethotep. He enters the ring and both Sammy and Anton on the outside seem surprised that he’s alone. The Champ hands over the title to the referee and this title match is underway!


The first fall starts off with quick pin attempts from both men, each trying to gain that important first win, Even though there is a river of bad blood between the two men, the match quickly turns into a great catch as catch can match. For every move Hotep tries, Sammy is able to reverse and likewise. Hotep switches gears and starts to work on the left knee of Sammy, trying to hobble his man. Sammy tries for a Devine Intervention but he gets shoved off by Hotep, who follows up with a chop block to the knee. Hotep is relentless with his attack on the knee and even manages to lock in a figure four leg lock that gets a ‘Woooo’ cheer from the crowd! Sammy gets to the ropes to get the break but he’s clearly hurting. A laser-focused Hotep keeps on the knee and soon Sammy is limping around the ring trying to keep his left leg away from the Champ. Sammy rallies back with quick strikes and chops that rattle Hotep. Another attempt at the Devine Intervention is again countered into a reverse DDT that nets Hotep a 2 & 1/2 count. Hotep retreats to a corner and waits for Sammy to get to his feet. Hotep with his ‘Eye of Horus!’ Sammy side steps! Devine Intervention! Shoved off for a third time! Sammy spins around and walks into a leg lariat. Again Hotep goes to the corner. Sammy is up and takes the ‘Eye of Horus!’ Hotep covers and gains the pinfall!

Winner of the First Fall – Hotep

Hotep waits in the corner for the 30 second rest period and Sammy takes his time getting to his feet. The referee calls for the bell and the second fall starts!

Hotep charges in looking for the knee and takes a series of brutal chops that quickly change his mind. Sammy is trying his best to keep Hotep off balance but the knee is keeping him slowed down. Hotep stops Sammy’s momentum with a knee to the gut. A Doctor Bomb from Hotep gets a 2 count! Hotep pulls Sammy up and shoots him into the ropes. Sammy ducks a clothesline and counters with a superkick! Snap suplex from Sammy! Sammy floats over and gets a 2 count from the referee. Sammy pulls Hotep up and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Another 2 count! Devine is looking frustrated as he drags Hotep to his feet. Drop toe-hold into an ankle lock from Hotep! Sammy struggles to escape and refuses to tap! Sammy puls himself close enough to the bottom rope to place a few fingers onto the rope calling for the break. Hotep releases the hold, pulls Sammy into the middle of the ring and tries for the ankle lock again only to get rolled up into a school boy! A 2 & 3/4th count for Sammy! Hotep hits the far ropes, springboards off the second rope for his Quebrada! It’s countered into a Devine Intervention and the crowd pops huge! Sammy drapes an arm over the prone Hotep and we get a three count!

Winner of the Second Fall – Sammy Devine

The 30 second rest period seems to speed by and the referee calls for the bell for the third and final fall.

Sammy and Hotep circle each other and the Champ is the first to score with a single leg take down. The two men scramble on the mat, exchanging holds and reversing them just as fast. They fight back to their feet and start exchanging chops and open handed palm strikes. Sammy starts to get the upper hand with his chops and the chest of Hotep is a lobster red color. The champ goes back to the leg and drops Sammy with a kick to his knee. Hotep quickly follows up with a double armed DDT. Hotep with the cover and Sammy gets a shoulder up at 2 & 1/2! Hotep locks in a leg lace and Sammy again has to drag himself (and Hotep) to the ropes to get a break. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Hotep drags Sammy into the middle of the ring and continues his work on the leg of Sammy. Hotep takes a kick to the face, another, and a third causes him to break off of Sammy. Devine crawls to his feet and waits for Hotep to get to his feet. Sammy goes for his finisher and gets shoved off. The challenger ducks a clothesline and leaps at Hotep with a Thez press! Hotep rolls through and locks in a single leg crab! Sammy is to close to the ropes and the submission is quickly broken. Hotep pulls Sammy up and slams him to the mat. Sammy holds on and rolls Hotep up into a pin attempt! 2&3/4ths!!

Sammy looks at the referee and questions the count as Hotep scrambles to his feet. Hotep hits a dropkick to the back of Sammy and the challenger crashes into the referee! Hotep looks at the downed men and rolls to the outside. The champ returns to the ring with a chair he ‘borrowed’ from the time keeper and waits as Sammy struggles up to his feet. Sammy has his back to Hotep and the Champ raises the chair to slam down on Devine…But hesitates. Sammy turns, spots Hotep with the chair and braces himself for the shot. The challenger and champ lock eyes and Hotep drops the chair to the mat and kicks it back out of the ring! “Not like that!” screams Hotop getting into the face of Sammy. Devine Intervention! Out of nowhere! Sammy hooks the leg as the referee starts to stir! 1! 2! 3-NO!!! Hotep slips up a shoulder! Sammy questions the count as Hotep lays motionless on the mat. Sammy turns back to Hotep, reaches down to drag him off the mat, when his leg buckles, and Devine is suddenly rolled up for the pin! 1! 2! 3! The crowd explodes in shock and Sammy looks bewildered as the referee calls for the bell!

Winner of the Third Fall and STILL NAPW Canadian Heritage Champion – PRINCE WADJETHOTEP!
Time of Match: 24:43

Sammy is leaning against the ropes looking shell shocked. He’s just lost his first ever 2 out of 3 falls match. The referee has the belt and is about to hand it to Hotep when it’s snatched from his hands by Sammy! The crowd falls into a hush as Devine looks down at the belt and then Hotep. Sammy drops his head and pushes the belt into the hands of Hotep! The crowd lets out a sigh as Sammy rolls out of the ring and limps to the back. Hotep drapes the belt over his shoulder and watches a dejected Sammy walk to the back.


As the crowd settles down from the match they’re immediately back on their feet as we have ANOTHER championship match!

The Angels Of Cowtown race to the ring ready for their big shot. Speaking of big, the most dominate tag team in NAPW (and proud members of The Dynasty) waltz out the a chorus of hate. Those That Would Inflict Ill, belts over their shoulders, and a confident smirk on the face of Lambert Haniel, head to the ring. As Haniel mocks the crowd they never see both Angels take wild flying dives over the top ropes! Angels collide with demons and the tag champs go sprawling! Lambert is rolled into the ring and the referee calls for the bell!


Ashley and Kelly quickly make sure Lambert is on their side of the ring and use the full use to the ref’s five count to double team one-half of the tag champs. Double suplex! Ashley hits a legdrop and tags out to Kelly who lands an elbow drop from the second rope. Lambert is trying to get to his feet and is locked into a side headlock. Lambert shoots Kelly into the ropes and never sees the blind tag. Double dropkick from the challengers! Kelly and Ashley each grab a leg and make a wish on Lambert! Nobody is going batsh*t crazy trying to get into the ring but the referee is keeping her at bay. Ashley is the legal man in the ring and hits Lambert with a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Another tag, Kelly comes in and the duo whip Lambert into the ropes. Drop toe hold brings down Lambert and Kelly hits a baseball slide right into the side of the face of the tag team champ! Again Nobody tries to force herself into the ring, getting the referee’s attention and The Angels of Cowtown take full advantage. The tag champs can’t seem to get on the same page, or any momentum going! Double Russian Legsweep! Ashley hits the ropes and Kelly actually backdrops his partner onto the prone Lambert! Nobody is in and eats a double dropkick that sends her out of the ring and down to the floor. Lambert is getting to his feet and The Angels hit a high / low combo on the man! The crowd is on their feet as Kelly hits the ropes and nails the Beltline Beatdown! He hooks the leg and Ashley dives out of the ring onto Nobody as the referee counts! 1! 2! 3!

Holy sh*t!!!

The crowd explodes as The Angels of Cowtown have just pulled off the biggest upset maybe in the entire history of NAPW!

Winners of the match and NEW NAPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS….The Angels Of Cowtown!!!

The duo quickly grabs their belts and escape through the crowd as Those That Would Inflict Ill look ready to kill anyone foolish enough to get near them. On the outside of the ring Anton is seen smirking and trying not to laugh.

Time of Match: 7:10


It’s intermission time and fans hurry to the merchandise stands and to the bathrooms. A handful of wrestlers come out to meet n’ greet with the fans, The Young Turks, Sammy, Abbey and the new NAPW World Tag Champs all sign autographs and get their pictures taken. Some brave souls even approach Anton who ignores them completely. After 10 minutes talent gets called to the back and the fans make their way to their seats for the back half of the show!


All talent except…The brother duo of David and John Turk! They wait in the ring for whatever Hell is about to come. LEGION strides out from behind the curtain and the fans boo them unmercifully! LEGION slide into the ring and get jumped by The Young Turks!


LEGION quickly overtake the smaller team and the brutality starts! David and Matanza go to the outside as John and Masakre stay in the ring. David whipped into the ring barricade! John given a gorilla press slam! The fans love The Turks but they enjoy seeing the stupid amount of punishment they can take too. John is sent into the ropes and takes a brutal tilt a whirl slam. Masakre doesn’t even try for a pin. He’s happy smashing John. On the outside, David is hurled into the crowd and takes out a handful of fans! Back in the ring, John is whipped into a corner and then swallowed up by an avalanche. On the outside David throws a drink in the face of Matanza! David climbs up on the ring barricade and hits a modified cutter on Matanza! Back in the ring, John takes a clothesline that nearly takes his head off. David tries to scramble up onto the ring apron and is grabbed by Matanza. David reaches into his trunks and with a flurry of hands that would make David Copperfield blush, Matanza finds his hands zip tied to the ring post! Back inside the ring, Masakre has John pressed above his head and is walking around the ring teasing to toss him our into the crowd. David scales to the top and hits a missile dropkick! Masakre drops with John on top and David leaps on top of the dog pile! The referee counts as Matanza can only watch and scream! 1! 2! 3!

The crowd goes crazy as The Young Turks beat a hasty retreat finally scoring a win over their longtime foes!

Winners of the Match – The Young Turks
Time of Match – 5:43


The fans are still abuzz from a night of crazy upsets. New NAPW Tag Champs and The Young Turks winning? Who knew?

Speaking of crazy it’s Bruiser Breton out from the back! As the fans boo him he slides into the ring and simply ignores them. He’s looking up the ramp as Abbeys music hits and never sees her as she slips out from the crowd and slides into the ring behind Bruiser!


The war is on as the referee calls for the bell. Abbey is slugging Bruiser with lefts and rings but gets a thumb to the eye that stops her cold. The match turns exactly what you would expect. An exercise in brutality. Bruiser controls the early part of the match with his size and sheer brutality. Abbey eats a pair of chairshots across the back that echo through the building. On the third he eats an Abbey-Damninator! The action spills to the outside and then into the crowd. They brawl through the building, neither able to get a clear advantage and fans love every minute of it. They eventually make their way back to the ring and Bruiser drops Abbey with a rolling elbow. Bruiser rolls to the outside, pulls a table out from under the table and slides it into the ring. Bruiser sets up the table and looks up in time to eat a superkick from Abbey! Another! A third and then a fourth from Abbey! Bruiser is rolled onto the table, bloody mouth and all and Abbey takes to the nearest corner. She hits a shooting star press off the top rope onto Bruiser and they both crash through the table! She hooks a leg and the referee counts! 1! 2! 3!

Winner of the Match – Abbey ‘Goddamn’ Graves
Time of Match: 12:30

Bruiser is yelling at the referee that he had a shoulder up at 2 and then quickly turns and attacks a distracted Abbey Graves! Powerbomb from Bruiser! The crazy cajun grabs his chain, links it around the neck of Graves and sends her over the top rope hanging her!

The crowd goes crazy as Anton hits ring and a pair of right hands to Bruiser causes him to retreat! Bruiser smiles through a bloody mouth as he retreats to the back as Anton checks on Abbey.


We cut to the back where The Young Turks have been laid out by LEGION. The huge duo stand over the battered and bloody brothers. Matanza opens a container and pours SPIDERS all over John and David Turk! Security ushers LEGION away as The Young Turks lay unmoving on the floor.


It’s main event time kids!


The referee calls for the bell and we’re in for a treat as both men trade holds and counter holds, neither gaining an inch. Black keeps complaining about Anton on the outside but no one is listening. Kris gains the upper hand with a series of high flying moves that leaves Black on his heels. Anton coincidently seems to be on whatever side of the ring Black is on so that he can’t bail out. Black mounts a brief comeback thanks to a double thrust to the throat of the challenger but it’s short lived as Kris cuts him off. In fact as the match wears on it looks like Jacobson has Black’s number. Black escapes a pair of near falls when it all breaks down. Jake Phoenix and Jay Deschain hit the ring!

The referee quickly calls for the bell as Anton slides into the ring and it turns into an all out war!

This Match Has Been Ruled A Double DQ!

From the back Those That Would Inflict Ill and Rock City hit the ring and The Dynasty has the numbers! Phoenix and Deschain bail watching with amusement as The Dynasty maul both Jacobson and Anton! The fans erupt as Cuzin’ Eddie and Sammy Devine rush from the back! It’s no good as it’s still a vicious brawl in the ring, The Dynasty standing tall.

Lights Out.

Lights Up.

It’s Atlas! He’s standing at the edge of the ring with a kendo stick. He slides into the ring and goes to town whacking any Dynasty member that crosses his path! Security rushes out but stop short, outnumbered and unwilling to get into the ring. It’s come to the tipping point to where you even see the crowd start to grow restless. The smell of a riot is in the air.

Four Cellos.

Time stands still and suddenly “PATH” hits the speakers!


RAVAGER, The White Collar Assassin and former NAPW World Champion strolls out from the back dressed in a three piece suit and microphone in hand. The chaos in the ring has stopped and all eyes are on the man with the mic.

RAVAGER: I regret to inform you all that Terry Brandon has resigned from his position as NAPW commissioner. But… As of NOW, I am the NEW commissioner of NAPW!!

The fans explode!

RAVAGER: I’m sick of all of you ruining the name of NAPW. So we’re ending this the only way I know how.

Ravager points to the ring.

RAVAGER: Next month… The Dynasty will face Sammy Devine, Cuzin Eddie, Kris Jacobson, Anton Petrov and Atlas in….WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR GAMES!!!

The Dynasty bail from the ring and look at Ravager in shock and anger.

The fans are going crazy!

War Games.

The End Draws Near.

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