Business is Business – Ravager new NAPW commissioner

NAPW fans and wrestlers alike were stunned at the end of Black March, when NAPW legend Ravager made his return — and revealed that he was the new commissioner! Terry Brandon, of course, was injured last month at the hands of the diabolical Jake Phoenix and Jay Deschain.

Ravager spoke with NAPW-Online briefly after the event. Of note:

* Jake Phoenix and Jay Deschain have both been fined heavily for their actions. However, it is neither the desire of Ravager NOR Terry Brandon for Deschain & Phoenix to be fired. They will be required to start at the bottom. And in point of fact, they will wrestle in a two on four handicap match at next month’s event. Nothing personal, just business.

* War Games will be contested under the match’s traditional rules. Ravager promises that all the participants should look to get out their need for revenge and issues inside the double-ring steel cage.

* Abbey Graves and Bruiser Breton will tangle once more. In a Hoodoo Chain match!

* The most important order of business is restoring a sense of stability to NAPW. Too many  beatings, run-ins, too much interference over the past six months as a result of people like The Dynasty or Jay Deschain.

It will be interesting to see how the White-Collar Assassin runs things here in NAPW!

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