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The past two months NAPW has run live events the night before the iPPV in Calgary. Both events have done extremely well, which is why on November 28, Calgary will see its first-ever NAPW iPPV event. Dominion will be live streaming from Edmonton fans not to be left out, there will be a live event November 27th. Tickets are not quite sold out for both events, but are going fast!


Unfortunately, we must report multiple injuries coming out of Flavour Explosion!!! last month.

– Grillo Jr has been diagnosed with a severe concussion. It’s unclear as to the primary cause. In Calgary, Grillo received two Rolling Blackouts to the head, courtesy of Jay Deschain. The next night in Edmonton, Grillo was the recipient of not one, but two, Blackout lariats delivered by Declan Black. The Cricket Warrior will be out an indeterminate stretch of time.

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Megan’s Musings – 2014 Summer Season

After a month-long hiatus, my monthly column makes its return – and what a month to come back for. “Sole Survivor” is always the highlight of the NAPW year, and, in a way, is the culmination of a year of stories, rivalries and battles. It’s the last big event before the NAPW anniversary show in October, and it brought with it many changes that will surely ripple into the new year.

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Megan’s Musings – Perfect Storm Ruins Beach Party

It was a two night summer special out in the evening sun – “River Valley Rumble” and “Beach Blanket Bodyslams.” The first night was a crowd-pleasing event featuring memorable matches that showcased the very best NAPW has to offer. The second night may go down as one of the darkest hours in the history of the promotion.

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Watt’s Thoughts: HERITAGE HAVOC Preview

NAPW this is your intrepid reporter Gregor Watt here. I’ve been asked to write a preview for the Heritage Havoc card coming August 28th. I don’t know why they didn’t ask Megan, I’ve never really written something like this. I hope I don’t say anything that might make one of these big bruising pro wrestlers mad at me. Well I’m not actually saying anything so I guess I meant write something. Everytime I’m asked to interview Masakre or Joshua Rapture I need a bottle of watermelon vodka cooler, and I don’t even drink. That stuff is so strong, last time after I interviewed Rapture I ended up at the Nexus Sports Bar. Turned out Rex Caliber was there visiting and he bought me a “Burt Reynolds.” I didn’t know what it is. Before I knew it —

[Editor’s Note: We’ve deleted the next eight-hundred words for the sake of you, the reader.]

… and the dean said he wouldn’t throw me out of the UofA journalism program after all. What was I supposed to be doing? Oh yeah a show preview. So here it is NAPW HERITAGE HAVOC!

This match is “Superstar Rules” after the late hardcore legend “Superstar” Tommy Deathrow. That means no disqualification and no count-out. Sammy Devine is pretty angry at the Heritage Champion Bruiser Breton right now. I know Sammy wants another shot at Breton but that little otter-man has a Heritage Title shot this month, so Sammy asked Terry Brandon for a “fight.” Is this… what he wanted? No rules against Squirrelly Nuttz! This guy just wrestled all the way across Alberta! In a waterpark! Squirrelly Nuttz lost to Cuzin Eddie, he’s really mad! Watch out Sammy, Nuttz is a bad bad man! Read more [+]


Best Overall Singles Wrestler

1. Abbey Graves (68%)
2. Jay Deschain (21%)
3. Anton Petrov (11%)

Best Overall Tag Team

1. The Rabble (58%)
2. Phenomenons (26%)
3. A-Team (16%)

Most Popular Wrestler

1. Abbey Graves (37%)
2. Sammy Devine (26%)
3. Kris Jacobson (16%)

Most Hated Wrestler

1. Jay Deschain (32%)
2. Joshua Rapture (26%)
2. (tie) The Rabble (16%)
2. (tie) Clancy King (16%)

Breakout Star

1. Abbey Graves (53%)
2. Phenomenons (37%)
3. Kris Jacobson (11%)

Best Match (September-June)

1. (tie) Battlebowl (Graves vs Moonwater vs Rapture vs Deschain vs Masakre vs Southside) (26%)
1. (tie) TAGSTRAVAGANZA (Rabble vs Those That Would Inflict Ill vs Future Shock vs Phenomenons) (26%)
2. (tie) Atlas vs Chris Casino (11%)
2. (tie) TLC (Usual Suspects vs A-Team vs Kentucky Hellbillies vs The Rabble) (11%)
3. Sammy Devine vs Jay Deschain (5%)

Jack Jones “Holy Hell” Moment

1. Chris Casino revealed as The Shadow (32%)
2. The entire locker room supports Cuzin Eddie against the Hellbillies (21%)
3. (tie) Jay Deschain blasts Kris Jacobson with a steel chair to win Canada Cup (16%)
3. (tie) Jay Deschain causes Abbey Graves to get disqualified in their title match (16%)

Most Compelling Feud

1. Atlas vs The Shadow/Chris Casino (28%)
2. Andellion Moonwater vs Joshua Rapture (22%)
3. Abbey Graves vs Clancy King vs Anton Petrov (17%)

Best Overall Show

2. House of Cards (21%)
3. Battlebowl ’13 (11%)

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Megan’s 2014 Spring Power Rankings

TAGSTRAVAGANZA! marks the end of the 2014 spring season for NAPW, and its time to take a step back and look at the “big picture” of who’s currently dominating NAPW. Where do the title holders stand? Who’s currently in contention? Who’s made the biggest splash over the past three months? Let’s run down the list.

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Megan’s Musings – 2014 Spring Season

NAPW has always prided itself on the competition in its tag team division, and no event highlights that fact better than TAGSTRAVAGANZA! This year’s event, despite a new format for the marquee match, was no different.

So let’s look back on tag team wrestling’s biggest night, and see just what changed – and what stayed the same. Read more [+]