Rankings Updated

Rankings have been updated following the March event.

For the first time in five long months, Those That Would Inflict Ill are in the tag team top 5… not the champions list. After such a dominant championship reign before losing in what has to be called a classic upset to Angels of Cowtown, Lambert Haniel & Nobody slip to the #2 spot, behind current #1 Contender’s the Young Turks — who themselves scored what could be called an upset over LEGION to earn their shot. Angels vs Turks promises to be a high-flying, crowd-pleasing performance, but the titles are on the line, and whomever leaves Complete Control as champions will have either LEGION or the surging Mantaurs as their next defense!

Abbey Graves returns to the top of the rankings with her win over Bruiser Breton, a no-disqualification victory that left the Polish Hall in ruins. With the World Champion engulfed in War Games for April, and nothing truly settled between Graves and Breton — especially with Bruiser choking Abbey using his Hoodoo Chain after the match! — she will have to wait to cash in on her spot. Kris Jacobson and the aforementioned Breton maintain high spots due to strong performances as of late, Jacobson himself not losing his title match against Declan Black, thanks to the interference of Jay Deschain & Jake Phoenix. “Lucky” Cuzin Eddie finds himself in the top 5 for the first time in awhile courtesy of a series of wins in the past month, including another wild affair against Squirrelly Nuttz at Black March. Unfortunately, Eddie did not come away with Nuttz’ Pure Honour — or is that “Pure Horror” — title due to a technicality. Nuttz is a looming presence on every NAPW show. The big bomber, Nuker, finds himself on the way up as well due to a big victory alongside the Mantaurs against the Firestarters. But before Nuker can worry about any possible title aspirations, he needs to settle the score once-and-for-all with his eternal rival… the pyromaniac hardcore warrior named Inferno, who last we saw blew a fireball in the face of the Futuristic Eliminator! We have no updates on Nuker’s condition… Sammy Devine drops to number 7, as Prince Wadjethotep continues to have his number in Heritage Title matches. No shame there, as Devine left it all in the ring in a classic 2/3 Falls contest last month, just coming up short. Did we see an inkling of respect between Devine and Hotep? Finally, rounding out the top ten, two men who haven’t seen much action over recent months in Anton Petrov and Jay Deschain. Petrov has been increasingly erratic as the war with the Dynasty rages on, while Deschain hasn’t won a significant match yet in 2015. Both are former World Champions, however, and their fortunes could change — in a hurry.

That’s it for your rankings update, what will the field look like after War Games?! 



Canada Cup Tournament returns in May!

Breaking news courtesy of NAPW’s new commissioner, former World Champion Ravager. Mr. “Business is Business” has relayed to NAPW-Online that the Canada Cup tournament, scuttled due to the increasing disorder in NAPW resulting from the actions of The Dynasty as well as Deschain & Phoenix, will take place in May! Sixteen competitors will be entered into the single-elimination event!

The prestigious tournament will once again take place over two nights. Night 1 will emanate from Edmonton, AB, with all eight first-round matches. Ravager promises a title defense in the main event. Night 2 will take place in Calgary and steam LIVE on iPPV, featuring all 7 remaining match-ups — and possibly a surprise or two.

The winner will earn the prestigious Canada Cup trophy (a brand-new one is already being produced after Jay Deschain destroyed the original Cup), a $10,000 purse… and a shot a title of their choice. The winner will join the ranks of previous Cup winners including Rex Caliber, “Sick” Billy Kryenik, “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan, and “The Star-Spangled Sensation” Steve Parker. 

When the dust clears from WAR GAMES this month at Complete Control IV… a new playing field will be established come May with the Canada Cup!


APRIL 28, 2015
Edmonton AB

Kris Jacobson, Sammy Devine, Atlas, Anton Petrov & Cuzin Eddie
Declan Black, Prince Wadjethotep, Squirrelly Nuttz & Those That Would Inflict Ill

Angels of Cowtown © vs Young Turks

Nuker vs Inferno

Abbey Graves vs Bruiser Breton

Mantaurs vs LEGION

Super Skull Force, Edwin Bonn, & The Mexecutioner vs Jay Deschain & Jake Phoenix

Deadline Bomb Cut-Off: April 15, 2015 @ 9 pm MST / 11 pm EST
Roleplay Deadline: April 20, 2015 @ 9 pm MST / 11 pm EST

Business is Business – Ravager new NAPW commissioner

NAPW fans and wrestlers alike were stunned at the end of Black March, when NAPW legend Ravager made his return — and revealed that he was the new commissioner! Terry Brandon, of course, was injured last month at the hands of the diabolical Jake Phoenix and Jay Deschain.

Ravager spoke with NAPW-Online briefly after the event. Of note:

* Jake Phoenix and Jay Deschain have both been fined heavily for their actions. However, it is neither the desire of Ravager NOR Terry Brandon for Deschain & Phoenix to be fired. They will be required to start at the bottom. And in point of fact, they will wrestle in a two on four handicap match at next month’s event. Nothing personal, just business.

* War Games will be contested under the match’s traditional rules. Ravager promises that all the participants should look to get out their need for revenge and issues inside the double-ring steel cage.

* Abbey Graves and Bruiser Breton will tangle once more. In a Hoodoo Chain match!

* The most important order of business is restoring a sense of stability to NAPW. Too many  beatings, run-ins, too much interference over the past six months as a result of people like The Dynasty or Jay Deschain.

It will be interesting to see how the White-Collar Assassin runs things here in NAPW!

Rankings updated; February polls

Rankings have been updated.

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Sammy Devine concussed

NAPW officials have learned that popular star ‘Starmaker’ Sammy Devine suffered a minor concussion during his Canadian Heritage title defense at ‘Red Menace’ against Prince Wadjethotep. Devine has not been cleared to wrestle as of this writing and is not expect to make an appearance at ‘Live & let Die.’ However, Sammy has informed us and his Devine Army followers that he will be ready for combat in March and will be looking for revenge against The Dynasty. He also wants NAPW to notify everyone that for a limited time only, all his Devine Army Merchandise will be 10% until Valentines Day.

Looking For New Feature Contributors

Due to time restraints, the popular “Megan’s Musings” column has been retired. We hope Ms. Adams will continue to contribute the quarterly “Power Rankings.”

NAPW is looking for a new features contributor. If you have interest in writing a column, or have a great idea for a new feature, for NAPW-online.com on a regular basis, get at Ro-Bot and Scottybomb!