New Alberta Pro Wrestling is an online fantasy wrestling game. It’s sort of like Dungeons & Dragons, but with a lot more fictional spandex.


NAPW (version 1) ran shows from 2005-2010. You can view the entire classic results and roleplay archive here.


  • Submit an original created wrestler through the join page. Roleplay (write a “wrestling promo”) for your matches on the boards. The bookers write & post the results (basically a script of play-by-play, ring entrances and action description). Several days after results are posted, the next card is booked, and roleplaying begins again for the new matches.
  • NAPW runs one show at the end of each month. Roleplaying is generally from the 1-20 of a given month. A limit of two roleplays per match.
  • If you have any ideas, comments, frustrations, praise, please don’t hesitate to email newalbertapro@gmail.com, or contact ScottyBomb or Ro-Bot on the boards.
  • Read the rules below, but other than that, feel free to jump right in. You don’t need to read everything in this FAQ to get going!


We don’t want to have a lot of rules here in NAPW. Players should feel free to express their creativity, have fun, and do their own thing. Ideas are welcomed! However, here are a couple bits:

  • Please respect your peers. Don’t trash talk other handlers out-of-character (OOC). If you have a problem with another member of the roster, talk to them privately or come to us.
  • Collaboration and shared ‘world-building’ is encouraged, but do not use other NAPW wrestlers in your roleplays without first getting permission from that wrestler’s handler.
  • After your application has been accepted, you must do an introductory roleplay on the boards before your wrestler/team is booked.
  •  We know life gets in the way sometimes. No-shows do happen. If you no-show a scheduled match, we will leave you unbooked until you have communicated with Ro/Scotty. It is up to you to let us know what’s up.
  • We wish NAPW to be a moderated, inclusive space. Please do not bring racist, LGBT*phobic, sexist, misogynistic or otherwise bigoted speech, attitudes, or behaviour to our forums and game either in- or out-of-character. You’re free to say and do terrible things as a heel… hey, if you can’t get heat without cheap shortcuts you’re doing it wrong!


NAPW is a competitive and story-based roleplay fed. Through your promos, you are trying to show that your wrestler deserves to win his scheduled match. Like real wrestling, of course, matches are not just isolated exhibitions; ongoing storylines, angles and feuds drive the ongoing saga.

  • Roleplays come in all shapes. Comedy, drama, serious, straight-up “talk to the camera” wrestling promos, skits, mini-“movies”, slice o’life, etc. There is no scientific formula to determining the ‘better’ roleplays for any given match. Quality of writing is important, but so is being a reliable writer, having a consistent character, and acknowledging on-show happenings and other wrestler promos. Give us a reason to “push” you.
  • This is not an English class. Good writing skill certainly helps, but we are not grading you according to a curriculum. Some of the best promos we’ve seen weren’t the best from a ‘technical’ writing standpoint, but the character, emotion and awesome (science!) were next level. If it comes down to it, we’d rather push the slightly ‘less’ good writer who is there every month over the amazing (but flakey) writer.
  • Two roleplays per show is the limit. The players determine the level of competition. You are not required to do two RPs each month, but will quickly note that most handlers push the limit — and do so with excellent promos.
  • When determining a wrestler’s “push,” it is important to us, as bookers, to acknowledge the extra work some handlers choose to put in. Messaging us with ideas, writing matches, doing ‘non-show’ RPs, calling guys out in promos, etc. You get out of NAPW what you put in.
  • Deadline Bomb cut-off: In an effort to ensure fairness for all, all wrestlers may only post ONE roleplay in the last five days of a roleplay period. This rule is designed to level the playing field and encourage back-and-forth between characters.
  • We look to the match-specific roleplays first to determine a result; often, we will look to the better storylineto determine a match outcome. Particularly when the roleplays are all excellent! We exercise our right to consider handler reliability, level of involvement (submitting strats, storyline ideas, match writing), trust or other factors in determining outcomes and a wrestler’s “push.”
  • We go to great lengths on every show to tell the best storyline and give every wrestler a fair shake. Even if you are booked to “lose” a match, we try to write a great match and make your guy look like a million bucks in defeat. Or we’ll make sure your storyline is progressing/beginning.
  • If you are unhappy with a match result, on-show segment, whatever, we have an open door policy. We take booking seriously, and try our best to respect the hard work, creativity and time each handler puts in. Please respect us in return even if you do not agree with a decision we made. We strive to give every wrestler on each show a good story (even in a loss). Please feel free to contact us on the boards with any concerns.


  • How to get a storyline: come up with an idea! Message the bookers on the boards, over facebook, through email, however, with your ideas. They can be detailed, long angle ideas, quick “I’d like to attack Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo after his match” bits, etc.
  • As we have to take other people’s ideas into account, and longer-term booking plans, we can’t use every idea exactly as they come in. We will try our best to stitch them together. Fact is, some of our most detailed current angles are almost entirely designed by handlers; all we do is translate that into the actual results.
  • Storylines can also come through RPs. Don’t wait for a show to get into it with somebody – you can call out, trash, reference, bring up another wrestler at any time. We use the material in RPs to help us book results and better understand your wrestler!
  • We will try our best to give everybody something to do on every show. We’ll toss out ideas on results through commentary or actions, in hopes that people will respond and run with them. We want every person on every show to have at the very least, a great match in defeat. With only one show a month, we don’t want anybody to feel like an afterthought…
  • (but it does help to initiate your own stories.)


  • There are currently three championships to compete for — the NAPW World Championship and the Tag Team Championship, and Canadian Heritage title.
  • Sometimes we will have #1 Contender’s Matches for singles and teams to earn title shots. Some of our ‘special events’ carry title shots with them. Storylines may drive a title match.
  • With only one show a month, the championships will be defended, with rare exceptions, on every event.


  • Several times a year a show will focus on a “special event.” These are once a year matches which carry their own special recognition and accolades.
  • BATTLEBOWL is a yearly prestige event that features a brutal, Elimination Chamber-style cage match between six competitors. The winning wrestler earns a future World Title shot, a $10,000 purse, and a custom brass ring. Previous winners include Bruce “The Beast” Richards, KRENSHOV, and the late Tommy Deathrow.
  • Chris Casino developed the CANADA CUP tournament in 2006. A single-elimination tournament, Rex Caliber was the first Canada Cup winner. Billy Kryenik, Steve Parker, and Dan Ryan also have their names engraved on the Cup. The winner gets the silver Canada Cup (names of all winners engraved), a shot at either the World or Tag Team championship (winner’s choice), and a $10,000 purse.
  • TAGSTRAVAGANZA is the premier Tag Team wrestling event! The winning team receives the coveted Blue Jackets and the $10,000 purse. The format includes qualifying matches, building to a four-corner elimination “Three Stages of Hell” match. The Tag Team titles were on the line in the 2014 iteration.
  • In the fall, NAPW holds its most prestigious event — the 30-Wrestler SOLE SURVIVOR match. Similar to the Royal Rumble, two wrestlers start the match, with a new wrestler entering every two minutes. A wrestler must be thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor to be eliminated. The last wrestler remaining — the Sole Survivor — wins a shot at the title of their choice, a $10,000 purse, and their name engraved on the Sole Survivor shield.


email: newalbertapro@gmail.com

on the boards: ro-bot or scottybomb