LIVE & LET DIE 02/27/2015


Kris Jacobson vs Nobody
Abbey Graves vs El Honcho
Prince Wadjethotep vs Crimson Mask (Canadian Heritage Championship)
Anton Petrov vs Atlas
Young Turks vs Mantaurs vs Angels of Cowtown vs LEGION
Cuzin Eddie vs Baron Von Powerbomb
Cuzin Eddie vs Squirrelly Nuttz
Declan Black vs Bruiser Breton (NAPW World Championship)
Abbey Graves & Kris Jacobson vs Declan Black & Bruiser Breton
Jay Deschain vs Jake Phoenix

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House Show 02/26/15

Calgary AB
February 26, 2015

Chase Jacobson comes out, announcing himself as acting commissioner for the night. The “Lion” received a “welcome back” chant from the Calgary faithful. Playing down the ovation with his trademark humility, Chase went on to announce some of the matches for the night, including The Young Turks & The Angels Of Cowtown against The Order of Orochi, El Honcho & Baron Von Powerbomb in a huge eight man tag match! Not only that but Abbey Graves takes on Squirrelly Nuttz … and then NAPW World Champion Declan Black interrupted.

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Best Overall Singles Performer

1. (tie) Abbey Graves (22%)
1. (tie) Declan Black (22%)
2. Bruiser Breton (19%)
3. Jay Deschain (17%)

Best Overall Tag Team

1. Those That Would Inflict Ill (50%)
2. LEGION (28%)
3. The Phenomenons (11%)

Most Popular Wrestler or Team

1. Abbey Graves (41%)
2. Sammy Devine (24%)
3. Kris Jacobson (17%)

Most Hated Wrestler or Team

1. Declan Black (33%)
2. Jay Deschain (28%)
3. Bruiser Breton (21%)

Breakout Star

1. Declan Black (43%)
2. Bruiser Breton (31%)
3. Those That Would Inflict Ill (22%)

Most Compelling Feud

1. Abbey Graves vs Jay Deschain (53%)
2. Sammy Devine vs Bruiser Breton (27%)
3. Those That Would Inflict Ill vs The Phenomenons (12%)

Best Match

1. Abbey Graves vs Declan Black (World Title, River Valley Rumble) (26%)
2. Abbey Graves vs Jay Deschain (Last Person Standing, Sole Survivor ’14) (19%)
3. Sammy Devine vs Bruiser Breton (Heritage Title, Flavour Explosion!!!) (14%)

Jack Jones “HOLY HELL” Moment

1. ROBOSAURUS (Beach Blanket Bodyslams) (21%)
2. (tie) Battlebowl security revealed to be the Dynasty (Battlebowl) (19%)
2. (tie) Injured Abbey Grave suckers Jay Deschain into title match (Heritage Havoc) (19%)
3. Squirrelly Nuttz and Cuzin Eddie literally brawl across Alberta (River Valley Rumble/Beach Blanket Bodyslams) (14%)

Best Overall Show

1. Battlebowl ’14 (21%)
2. River Valley Rumble/Beach Blanket Bodyslams (19%)
3. Sole Survivor ’14 (16%)

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Sammy Devine concussed

NAPW officials have learned that popular star ‘Starmaker’ Sammy Devine suffered a minor concussion during his Canadian Heritage title defense at ‘Red Menace’ against Prince Wadjethotep. Devine has not been cleared to wrestle as of this writing and is not expect to make an appearance at ‘Live & let Die.’ However, Sammy has informed us and his Devine Army followers that he will be ready for combat in March and will be looking for revenge against The Dynasty. He also wants NAPW to notify everyone that for a limited time only, all his Devine Army Merchandise will be 10% until Valentines Day.


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