Abbey Graves

ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Set the Stage” – The Warriors
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’5″, 130 lbs
HOMETOWN: Coram, New York
WRESTLING STYLE: Speedy (lucha-libre style) with some technical prowess.
SIGNATURE MOVES: Double Stomp (off top rope, apron, etc), Standing SSP, Standing Senton, Stiff kicks, Snap DDT, “The Best Fuckin’ DDT” (suicide dive through turnbuckle ropes into Tornado DDT), Flying Headscissors, Pele Kick, Abbey Road (set-up for AGD – opponent in corner, Abbey runs up the opponent, backflips off their chest, finishes with solid dropkick in midsection), Ambush! (running Yakuza kick, often to opponent in corner a la El Generico), dives & planchas out of the ring, Kenji Crush (standing moonsault fallaway slam)
FINISHER: A.G.D (Abbey Graves Drop – Acid Drop AKA Dudley Dog) / Grave Maker (A backstabber, into a dragon sleeper. She keeps the knees in her opponent’s back when the move is applied. If the ref starts counting the pin, she rolls to the opponent’s stomach while still in the hold.)

BIO: Abbey grew up in Springfield, Mass, in a poor family. She was frequently abused as a child, until taken away from her family at age 8. She was later adopted by a middle class family of school teachers, and given another shot at a decent life. She did well at everything she set her mind to academically, and took some self-defense classes, in order to prevent anything bad from happening to her again. She’s been a wrestling fan since age 11, and loved watching the high-flying luchadors do their thing. She loves the mix of technical, speedy, high-flying action they bring. She discovered her love for heavy music when she heard a local wrestler’s entrance theme, performed by The Acacia Strain.

After graduating high school, she attended Newbury College on scholarship to be a Public Resources person. After two semesters, she was hired as the PR woman for locally-located telemarketing agency. As a side job, she was a ring announcer for local MMA organizations, since she loved the sport. This took her to Long Island, New York, where she was introduced to professional wrestling as a ring announcer. After a run-in with a wrestler who hit her for denying his “romantic advances,” she learned some technical wrestling from a former NAPW wrestler, and a ton of lucha-libre wrestling from a trainer in Riverhead. She later wrestled the guy who hit her, using her speed to tire him out, and make him tap out in front of his home town crowd. She was fired from the company the next day. She comes to the NAPW on the recommendation of her trainers to try her hand at wrestling while she works in New York City as a PR woman for Pfizer.

APPEARANCE: Brown, shoulder-length hair that is tied back in a tight pony tail when she wrestles. Green eyes. Very attractive. Think Canadian Singer LIGHTS. She often wears neon colors, most of her t-shirts have either band graphics or silly graphics on them. She wears nice-fitting jeans or shorts. In ring attire: She wears a neon colored sports bra top ala AJ or Lita, usually yellow, green, or pink. She also wears black wrestling tights with neon colored boots that match her top. The word “GRAVES” is down her left leg. Her top has the same graphic as any t-shirt NAPW may have of her at the time. If no t-shirt exists, it’s a plain top.

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2013 Battlebowl winner, NAPW World Champion

Ashley Olson

NICKNAME: Swan City Angel
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Boys ‘Round Here” – Blake Shelton
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2″, 240 lbs
HOMETOWN: Grande Prairie, AB
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Power
SIGNATURE MOVES: Exploding Fisherman Suplex, Release German Suplex, Swinging Neckbreaker, Forward Russian Legsweep, Middle Rope DDT, Running Bulldog Off The Ropes, Lariat Off The Middle Rope, Two Kneedrops In Succession On The Forehead, Running Shoulder Breaker, Sky High Powerbomb
FINISHER: The Blessing (Swinging Fisherman)

BIOGRAPHY: Kelly and Ashley grew up knowing what it’s like to be bullied. Each were given a name that led to condescending looks and comments from their peers and had to prove time and time again that they were just as tough as any other boy. Unfortunately they grew up being too good looking for a lot of their peers and the assaults continued.

Finding that they both like fighting as much as loving, both Kelly and Ashley found themselves in a wrestling camp where the trainer/promoter immediately saw dollar signs and paired the two pretty boys together. Originally going by Stud Inc, they dropped their previous manager and stripper persona and went back to their roots as humble, country boys from the Princess province. Now they’ve come to NAPW to prove that they are more that just pretty faces and to fight for the fans, especially the ladies.

APPEARANCE: Shoulder length brown hair, has a bigger muscular build that you would find on a heavyweight, he has been mistaken for Chris Hemsworth with his good looks and five o’clock shadow. He walks out wearing jeans and cowboy boots with a sleeveless plaid shirt, and leather vest with a halo circling a cowboy riding a bronco on the back with the word Angels below the logo. In the ring he wears his jeans and cowboy boots.

TAG TEAM NAME: Angels of Cowtown

Anton Petrov

NICKNAME: “The Soviet Slaughterhouse”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Indestructible” – Disturbed
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’3″, 277 lbs
HOMETOWN: St Petersburg, Russia
WRESTLING STYLE: Ruthless, Aggressive, Brawling Powerhouse / Mat Technician
SIGNATURE MOVES: Soviet Suckerpunch (Slow, HEAVY MMA style superman punch – sometimes to back of the head), STO, Lou Thesz Press & Mounted Punches, Communist Clutch (Abdominal Stretch w/ Elbows to the Midsection), Front Face-Lock Drop, Kitchen Sink, Turnbuckle shoulder strikes, Petrov Pulverizer (three consecutive Short-Arm Clotheslines, after each successive clothesline, Petrov yanks the opponent to their feet by the arm), Soviet Steamroller (Steamroller, also done from the top rope for a SUPER SOVIET STEAMROLLER!), Powerslam (catching opponent after whip into the turnbuckle),
FINISHER:  Russian Racker (Human Torture Rack) / Soviet Spike (Military Press Death Valley Driver)

BIOGRAPHY: Anton Petrov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in the year 1926. At least… that’s what he believes.

Tony Petersen is a 22 year old ward of the state who was recently discovered in McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts by Jackson Kass, who happened to be visiting his sister who receives treatment at the same hospital. Petersen suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, causing him to take on two separate personalities. Though early in his treatment Petersen was almost exclusively “Anton Petrov,” a supposedly 87-year-old Russian World War II veteran, through hypnotherapy eventually revealed his “true” personality.

In his first recorded interview, Petersen admitted to facility psychologists that he had no memory of ever being committed to McLean Hospital, or even any memory of his life since he was fifteen years old. Conversely, in recorded interviews with “Anton Petrov,” Petersen, taking on a convincing Russian accent, described graphic war scenes and various other aspects of what life would have been like on the Russian front lines in World War II. What’s interesting about these two personalities is that they appear to have no knowledge of each other (in fact, each personality suffers from a migraine when asked about the other identity), and it’s been noted that “Anton Petrov” appears to take control during periods of physical or psychological stress, anger, or violence. It’s also worth noting that “Anton Petrov” speaks perfect Russian and is considerably adept at hand-to-hand combat, though it is not known how he attained this knowledge, especially considering Petersen’s “true” personality denies ever having training in the areas of linguistics or martial arts.

Petersen and Kass met when an incident occurred during a routine therapy session where Petersen became very violent toward a fellow patient who suffered from paranoia, and it took seven staff members to finally overpower him. Having witnessed the entire event that injured three patients and five doctors, Kass decided to offer Petersen the opportunity to put his strength and aggression to use in the ring. Petersen’s doctor, Howard J. Silverstein, agreed to the release of Petersen to the NAPW as a form of experimental treatment on the condition that he be under constant supervision.

APPEARANCE: Anton Petrov is a large Caucasian man with considerable muscle mass. He’s strong, but more thick than he is toned. His hair is military cut, and his chin is usually adorned with thick stubble. Think Liev Schreiber. Out of the ring he’s usually found wearing jeans, sneakers, a black wife beater and a brown jacket. In the ring, he wears black wrestling boots and a black singlet similar to Kurt Angle’s.


MANAGED BY: Jackson Kass

Brett Owens

NICKNAME: Strong Style Prodigy
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “My Time” – Fabulous
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’10”, 200 lbs
HOMETOWN: Boston, Massachusetts
WRESTLING STYLE: Puroresu, Junior Heavyweight
SIGNATURE MOVES: Superkick, Dropkick, Spinebuster, Bicycle Kick, Corkscrew Enziguri, Ankle Lock, Sit-out Powerbomb, Standing SSP, various dives, Rolling Elbow
FINISHER: Beantown Blackout (Omega Driver) / Fatal Impact (Chris Hero’s “Cyclone Kill”, spinning big boot)

BIOGRAPHY: Brett grew up in the suburbs of Boston always knowing from any early age he wanted to be nothing but a professional wrestler. A great two sport athlete in high school he passed on scholarships to college to attend wrestling school. He trained in the New England area for two years before having his first match on June 20th, 2009. He brings a style of striking and high flying that seems to really excite crowds where ever he goes.

APPEARANCE: Long brown hair usually in a ponytail both in and out of the ring facial hair brown eyes. Tights in the colors of navy blue,red, and white black knee pads black boots with black kick pads with the Boston B symbol on each pad.

Chase Jacobson

NICKNAME: “The Lion”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Old Man” – Neil Young
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’1″, 220 lbs
HOMETOWN: Winnipeg, Manitoba
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical Wrestling
SIGNATURE MOVES: Lion Bomb (Blue Thunder Bomb w/pin), Winnipeg Stretch (Romero Chinlock), Lion-Steiner (Jumping Frankensteiner), Bridging German Suplex, Single Leg Boston Crab, Vertical Suplex, Dropkick, Indian Deathlock, Diving Elbow Drop (Macho Man-style), Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
FINISHER: Belly-to-belly Piledriver / Maple Leaf Deathlock (Liontamer)

BIOGRAPHY: Chase started wrestling at 18, the son of a sawmill worker and school nurse. He wrestled in high school, winning numerous school titles. He got his big break in the business after being persuaded by a local pro-wrestler who happened to be a fan of amateur wrestling and a former student at Chase’s school. It took some time to get his parents to let him do this, wanting the money now instead of going to college. This was a shortcut for Chase who wanted to be successful now.

He was trained and soon wrestled in Canadian territories under the name “The Lion” donning a cat-like mask. When the money he started making when he started out began to slow, he decided to broaden his horizons. Now a grown man, Chase traveled to Japan, where he began to become a mainstay in their promotions. “The Lion” Chase Jacobson was synonymous in Tokyo.

Soon, he fell in love with a Japanese woman and together they gave birth to a boy, Kristopher Hiko Jacobson. As time began to fasten, so did Chase’s age. Now an older man, a little stiff, and a little beat up, he’s found a quiet life back in Winnipeg with his beautiful wife. Now he watches his son, Kris continue where Chase left off…and he couldn’t be prouder. Sometimes the itch comes and goes, but Chase knew when to put those wrestling boots away; Though…he still thinks about it from time to time…you might see him…very soon.

APPEARANCE: Jerry Lynn. Chase is in his fifties, but still looks like he has the same body he had thirty years ago when he started out. Standing at six-foot-one and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he looks like he still has one match left in him. He wears track jacket like his son, but has it zipped up with a towel over his shoulders acting as Kris’s corner for advice. Besides that, he also wears denim jeans and a pair of boots. He wears his hair tied in a ponytail and a pair of prescription glasses…though….if he’s forced to take them off….you’re in for a BIG surprise.

Crimson Mask

NICKNAME: “The Code-Red Crusader,” “the Crimson One”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Triumph” – Audiomachine
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2″, 230 lbs
HOMETOWN: Parts Unknown
WRESTLING STYLE: High-flyer, grappler, striker. Think The Rock meets The Hurricane
SIGNATURE MOVES: Crimson Crucifix (Austin Aries’ Crucifix Driver), Knee of Justice! (Shining Wizard), Justice Punch! (Superman Punch), The Red Missile! (Flying Missile Drop Kick), Whisper in the Wind, Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault, The Crimson Clutch (Guillotine Choke), Running Rocker Dropper, SUICIDE PLANCHAAAA!, The Crimson Combination (series of midsection kicks, finishing with a jumping tornado roundhouse kick to the head)
FINISHER: Crimson Cataclysm (Rock Bottom) / Flight of the Phoenix (Swanton Bomb; if missed, Crimson rolls back to his feet, unharmed)

BIOGRAPHY: Not much can be known about the Man in the Crimson Mask, as he was reluctant to divulge much of his personal information to the officials at the NAPW. What we do know, is that Crimson Mask once dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler, watching from the sidelines as all of his childhood heroes fought against the bad guys. He finally decided to take it upon himself to become a wrestler when he witnessed a young aspiring professional wrestler be driven to quit by their abusive trainer, and so the Crimson One resolved to fight against all the evil in professional wrestling and give the fans something to really cheer for.

Crimson Mask is a crime fighter bent on bringing evildoers and villains to justice. What we were told about his wrestling career is that his experience in the world of professional wrestling is extensive, even holding two world championships, although he would not say from where. He always keeps his face obscured by a red and black mask and is always preceded by his super motto:

“No evil under the blood-red sun,
Will escape the wrath of the Crimson One!”

APPEARANCE: The muscular Crimson Mask dons black wrestling boots with red laces that fade into black shin guards and knee pads, over red tights with black wings emblazoned down the side. Wrapped around his waist is a black belt, on the buckle of which are the letters CM. On his torso he wears a tight red shirt with sleeves and the golden letters CM emblazoned over his left chest on a black shield. His hands and forearms are covered by black gauntlets that go up to the elbow, and on his back he wears a black cape that flows down to his ankles. And, of course, the upper half of his face is covered by a black mask with a red border similar to the Hurricane’s, and the skin around his red eyes is always blacked out. His face is usually clean shaven, but occasionally bares light stubble, and on top of his head is a mess of untidy black hair. To the ring, the Code-Red Crusader always removes his cape, but will do everything he can to keep his mask covering his face.

Cuzin Eddie

ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Beverly Hillbillies” – Flatts & Scruggs
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2″, 263 lbs
HOMETOWN: Steep Creek, Kentucky
WRESTLING STYLE: Brawler, hard hitting and tactical
SIGNATURE MOVES: running cross body block, elbow smash, eye poke, headbutt, spinning mule kick, double axehandle chop, football tackle into the corner
FINISHER: TIMBERRR!!! (Piledriver.. he gets his opponent off the ropes..and into a piledriver..into the mat..and then goes for the cover..)

BIOGRAPHY: Cuzin Eddie was working at his uncles garage, pumping gas and doing small repairs to the local towns vehicles. As well the new Highway now went past town, and many tourists started to stop in and get small repairs done. One day a small promoter on his way to scout some talent had car problems.. and he ended up at the garage. He left a card behind and said to Eddie, “if you ever think of leaving here, give me a call.” Some time went by, and Eddie had the card in his wallet. He had seen wrestling on TV.. and thought he could probably do that. He gave the promoter a call and he remembered Eddie, he invited him down to watch and see if it was something Eddie would like. One look and Eddie was hooked..and started his training…. and after a few months had his first matches.. and just keep learning more and more about the business.

That was some 10 years ago and now Eddie has been to all corners of the world, from Japan to Germany, from New York to California. He heard that NAPW was starting up again.. as he had been in contact with the promoters before, just before they closed the doors. And wants to see just what he missed out on.. so he made a few calls, and now has put his name on a contract. He is ready for anything that the wrestling world can bring at him.

APPEARANCE: Cuzin Eddie comes to the ring dressed in his familiar blue Kentucky Wildcats football Jersey with “EDDIE” across the back., and over it is his well worn blue jean overalls. He has on a pair of running shoes, that are mismatched, one is blue and the other is red. His hair is to his shoulders or pulled back in a ponytail. and he has a scruffy shadow as a beard.. from time to time he may bring his lucky horseshoe on a chain around his neck. He is rather muscular but not overly large.. and his legs are like tree stumps..

David Turk

ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns ‘n’ Roses
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’9″, 185 lbs
SIGNATURE MOVES: Step Up Enziguri, Springboard Tornado DDT, Frog Splash, Superkick, Missile Dropkick, Suicide Dive
FINISHER: Better Than You (Diving corkscrew somersault into a cutter)

BIOGRAPHY: Along with his older brother, David grew up a life long fan of wrestling. While his brother was a wrestler in High School, David took to the beaches and made a name for himself of the Surf Circut. Easy going attitude. Made pro debut at 19, soon joined his brother in the Young Turks tag team. The duo has worked up and down the East Coast for multiple promotions. Extremely popular tag team with the ‘tween’ crowd

APPEARANCE: Buzzed head, brown goatee and brown eyes. Both ears pierced. Nose pierced. Left eyebrow pierced. a small tattoo on his left shoulder of a skeleton riding a surf board. Wears long camo wrestling tights and black boots.

TAG TEAM: Young Turks
PARTNER: John Turk

John Turk

ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns ‘n’ Roses
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’10”, 190 lbs
SIGNATURE MOVES: Hurricanrana, Standing Shooting Star Press, Shining Wizard, Springboard 450 Splash, Senton, Asai Moonsault, Superkick
FINISHER: Zipline (Standing Sliced Bread)

BIOGRAPHY: Growing up with his younger brother, David, the duo loved wrestling from a young age. Lettered in High School wrestling. Beach kid who loves surfing and the sand.
Began training at age 18 and turned pro one year later. His brother soon joined him and where you see one, you see the other.
Likes to think of himself as an innovator of moves never seen before
Often a reckless spot monkey who enjoys trying to make all the highlight reels.

APPEARANCE: Sandy, curley blond hair, brown eyes. Goofy smile. Long electric blue tights and white boots. Small scar on chin from a high spot gone wrong.

TAG TEAM: Young Turks
PARTNER: David Turk

Kelly Osborn

NICKNAME: Beltline Brawler
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Boys ‘Round Here” – Blake Shelton
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6′, 220 lbs
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Brawler
SIGNATURE MOVES: Body combo of hooks to the ribs and stomach, Muay Thai needs from clinch, Short clothesline, Spinning Elbow Smash, Snap DDT, High Cross Body, Baseball Slide, Muliple headbutts, Sunset flip, Three amigo suplexes
FINISHER: Beltline Beatdown (Kelly Osborn with his opponent in a seated position, runs to the opposite rope and takes the momentum into a sliding elbow strike)

BIOGRAPHY: Kelly and Ashley grew up knowing what it’s like to be bullied. Each were given a name that led to condescending looks and comments from their peers and had to prove time and time again that they were just as tough as any other boy. Unfortunately they grew up being too good looking for a lot of their peers and the assaults continued.

Finding that they both like fighting as much as loving, both Kelly and Ashley found themselves in a wrestling camp where the trainer/promoter immediately saw dollar signs and paired the two pretty boys together. Originally going by Stud Inc, they dropped their previous manager and stripper persona and went back to their roots as humble, country boys from the Princess province. Now they’ve come to NAPW to prove that they are more that just pretty faces and to fight for the fans, especially the ladies.

APPEARANCE: Long blond hair with a baby face that is similar to Ryan Gosling, he is clean shaven with an athletic and slim muscular build. He walks out wearing jeans and cowboy boots with a sleeveless plaid shirt, and leather vest with a halo circling a cowboy riding a bronco on the back with the word Angels below the logo. In the ring he wears his jeans and cowboy boots.

TAG TEAM NAME: Angels of Cowtown

Kris Jacobson

NICKNAME: “Lionheart”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “War” – Vince DiCola
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’0″, 200 lbs.
HOMETOWN: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
WRESTLING STYLE: High Flying Shootfighting
SIGNATURE MOVES: Leosault (Springboard Lionsault feint into Standing Moonsault), Jacobson Driver (Satellite DDT), G.O.E. (Greatest of Ease – Tight Rope Walking Super Hurricanrana to opponent on tope turnbuckle), Shoot Kicks, European Uppercuts, Slingshot Tornado DDT, Running Frankensteiner, Spinning Heel Kick, Springboard Hurricanrana, Superkick, Missile Dropkick, Flying Forearm Smash (off ropes, sometimes as a springboard)
FINISHER: Winnipeg Destroyer (Hurricanrana Driver – Spiked Hurricanrana to kneeling opponent) / Winner’s Circle (Phoenix Splash onto bent over opponent)

BIO: Kris grew up as a second generation wrestler. His father, Chase “The Lion” Jacobson who rose to fame in Japan. Chase met a young lady in Japan, Yumiko and they married, though her father was a bit hesitant that she wanted to marry a “gaijin”, he gave them his blessing. Chase and Yumiko settled in Canada and had a son, Kris. You could say Chase hardwired his son for wrestling, sitting down and watching it with him as a toddler, and playing wrestling with him on Saturday afternoons after cartoons we’re over at noon. Since then Kris started wrestling at the ripe age of 18 starting in 2009, going from small promotions and wrestling until he could hone his craft. He wrestled from Canada all the way to Japan, joining a wrestling dojo while overseas. Kris had become very skilled, and began to make a name for himself. He decided to come back home to Canada to bring some of that back to the place where it all started. Jacobson was home, and he was looking to stay home…

APPEARANCE: Adrian Neville aka PAC. He wears red and black trimmed short tights with a maple leaf on the top a white stroke effect around it, with matching red boots, kickpads, and kneepads. When coming out in his entrance he wears a black track jacket, unzipped, with the Canadian flag on the right shoulder of the jacket.

MANAGED BY: Chase Jacobson

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2014 Sole Survivor Winner

Mantaur #1 / Mantaur #2

NICKNAME: “World’s Most Heroic Mantaurs (With Most Dragon Kills)”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Concerning Hobbits” – Howard Shore
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: each about 6’4″ / 250 lbs
HOMETOWN: Another Realm
WRESTLING STYLE: Old-school style, we’re talking atomic knee drops, swinging neckbreakers, sleepers, flying hammerlocks, axhammers, anything the Ultimate Warrior would do. They do not have any special tag team moves because “Every hero must journey alone.”
SIGNATURE MOVES: Dragon Clutch (camel clutch) / Crossface Dragon Wing (crossface chicken wing)
FINISHER: Dragon Splashes (splash to the corner, dude falls; running splash off of the ropes, stands up; another running splash off of the ropes)

BIOGRAPHY: Little is known about the Mantaurs, other than they seem to have time-traveled from a different wrestling era entirely.

APPEARANCE: Tall, jacked dudes with long dreadlocked hair on their heads, and short ponytails on their beards–cheesier versions of Drogo from Game of Thrones. They wear brown tights that look like animal legs. The bottoms of their tights and their boots look like hooves. They even kind of clack on the ground.

TAG TEAM NAME: The Mantaurs

MANAGED BY: The Great Greatbeard (looks a lot like a man in a Gandalf costume, except the beard is way longer and he has to move it out of the way of his feet. He carries a wand.)


ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Tu Quiero Puta” – Rammstein
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’5″, 158 lbs
HOMETOWN: Mexico City, Mexico
SIGNATURE MOVES: Deep arm-drags, huracanranas, tilt-a-whirl headscissors, handspring off the ropes into a backflip enziguri, step-up corkscrew somersault plancha (uses second rope as a “step” and flips/spins over top rope to opponent on floor), springboard into spike DDT, Calavera Crusher (flying crucifix bomb), Wheelbarrow bodyscissors into an arm drag
FINISHER: Beunos Tardes, Amigo (630 Senton Splash) / Siesta Hold (springboards onto opponent’s back for the Sleeper hold, hangs on for dear life)

BIOGRAPHY: The Mexecutioner has tremendous respect for the traditions of lucha libre. He fights with honor, energy, passion, and the heart of a man three times his size! Do not let his fearsome costume mislead you; The Mexecutioner is a gentle soul of grace and humility. Until he stands across the ring from you! Then, his blinding speed and eye-popping acrobatic ability will bring him the victory!

APPEARANCE: A luchadore outfit inspired by the Mexican “Day of the Dead” celebrations. His mask has a colorful, skull-like appearance. He wears long tights and forearm sleeves in corresponding colors & designs. To the ring he wears a loose top made with shining, colorful material. Color schemes change regularly.


ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Doomsday” – Nero
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’6″, 320 lbs
HOMETOWN: The Nuclear Blast Radius
SIGNATURE MOVES: Clothesline, Clothesline, Clothesline, Gorilla Press Slam, Clothesline, Powerslam, Clothesline, Running Shoulderblock, Clothesline, Chokeslam
FINISHER: Fat Man (Step Away Powerbomb)

BIOGRAPHY: The man they call Nuker started wrestling in 1997 at the age of 28. Now 45, Nuker has been away from the sport for several years – and seems to have suffered a total mental collapse in the meantime.

The original design of the Nuker character was that of a masked villain who hit with the power of a nuclear bomb – that simple – but things have changed… Nuker has returned, still wearing the same mask, still wearing the same lime green tights and tank top with the yellow and black nuclear symbol emblazoned across it, only now he seems to have bought hook, line and sinker into a delusional fantasy entirely of his own creation.

Believing that mankind has been damn near wiped off the face of the Earth after a catastrophic nuclear disaster, Nuker sees burned landscapes where normal men see vibrant cities, he believes most people he encounters are ‘ghosts’, and believes that the wrestling ring is the final barbaric whim of man. The last survivors of the nuclear fall out meet, man to man, and battle until one can stand no more – the winner, the strongest of ALL survivors and ALL mankind.

Nuker no longer plays a character. Everybody in his life fits in to his fictional reality in one way or another, and thus far there has been no success in drawing Nuker out of his delusion. He is, for want of a better word, insane. Quite dangerously insane.

APPEARANCE: Nuker is a big, big man. He isn’t quite the mountain of muscles he once was, but he is still incredibly strong. The tufts of hair that protrude from the back of his plain black mask are now greying at the ends and quite probably thinning. His eyes are an intense green, but nowhere near as intense as the lime tights he dons or the lime tanktop he wears with the yellow and black nuclear symbol emblazoned across it.

Sammy Devine

NICKNAME: Starmaker
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Schism” – Tool
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6′, 225 lbs
HOMETOWN: Tulsa, Oklahoma
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical with a splash of high flying
SIGNATURE MOVES:  Forearm Shivers, Stars In Your Eyes (Leg Lariat), Falling Stars (Flying Cross Body from the top rope), Melon Buster (Brain Buster), Sammy Fever! (Tiger Bomb), T-Town Elbow (Frogsplash Elbow Drop), Sammy-Plex (Half Nelson Suplex, Brent Albright style), Spinning Heel Kick (RVD style)
FINISHER: Divine Intervention (Ace Cutter/RKO) / Divine Intervention #2 (Springboard off the ropes Ace Cutter)

BIOGRAPHY: At the age of 28, Sammy Devine needs a challenge. Well, actually he needs a break. After five years toiling away in the Bible Belt of America he’s trying his hand up in the Great White North. A two letter sport star in High School (Wrestling & Baseball) Sammy is a naturally gifted athlete who sometimes is his own worst enemy. Attended OSU on a wrestling scholarship only to drop out his junior year to chase ‘the dream’ of being the next big pro wrestling star. Breezed through a local Oklahoma indy based wrestling school (even though he was termed ‘difficult’ at times) in three short months and made his in ring debut in a dirty High School gym at the age of 23.

Sammy loves the spotlight and his fans but it’s safe to say he loves himself most of all. Total merchandise whore. Refuses to ‘go heel’ because it would cruse his alleged legion of fans. Wrestled in various promotions in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas & Florida. Held a few regional titles here and there, even wrestled a dark match for a WWE show. Still the huge fame and paydays elude Sammy but he continues to try and steal every show he’s booked on. With this opportunity to wrestle outside of the US, he plans of making new fans and showing Canada that they too, can be part of the ‘Devine Army!’

APPEARANCE: Clean cut, middle America looking guy. Short brown hair, brown eyes. Goofy yet endearing smile. Nicely muscled and toned but not super cut. Slightly scuffed and well worn white wrestling boots with the initials ‘SD’ on them. Red short tights with ‘Starmaker’ written across the back. Always, ALWAYS wears a ‘Devine Army’ tee shirt / hoodie or some other sort of his mechandise to the ring.

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Canadian Heritage Champion (2x)

Super Skull Moe-Chan

NICKNAME: Protector of Love
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Holding Hands” – Unicorn Kid
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’4″, 120 lbs
WRESTLING STYLE: Joshi Cruiserweight
SIGNATURE MOVES: Pink Lotus (Ocean Cyclone Suplex), Dream Buster (Manhattan Drop into a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex), Moe Kick: (Standing Axe Kick to opponent on all fours), Leapfrog Yoshi Tonic, Dragonrana (can be done with springboard), Running Single Leg Dropkick, La Magistral, Standing Moonsault, Shining Wizard, Double Rotation Headscissors Takedown
FINISHER: Pinky Driver (Double Pumphandle Wheelbarrow Driver) / Moe-Moe Bomber (Running Lariat to seated opponent)

BIOGRAPHY: Moe-chan’s been friends with Nero since they were kids. Moe-chan knows that Nero’s not really…well…a superhero; But to keep him sane, and to make him happy she goes along with it. Moe-chan even became a wrestler to keep tabs on Nero so he wouldn’t get himself hurt. Now she’s donned the mask of “The Protector of Love” Super Skull Moe-chan!! She and Nero now fight the evils of wrestling together, for JUSTICE!!!

APPEARANCE: One noteworthy thing about Moe-chan is her hair which is that it’s long and flowing and it’s…well pink. Her mask has an opening for her hair, and has eyeholes and a mouth opening, contrary to Nero’s mask. Her entire color scheme is cyan, white and pink, and has bones on designs on it. She wears a training bra which has a small pink heart in the middle of it with a design inside of it resembling a ribcage. She tight mini shorts with a white heart on the crotch area. Near her arms she wears matching cyan elbow pads and forearm length fingerless gloves. The glove’s design resemble her forearm bones. Down near her legs, she wears knee high wrestling boots and bone design kickpads and wears kneepads along with them.

TAG TEAM: Super Skull Force
PARTNER: Super Skull Nero

Super Skull Nero

NICKNAME: Black Justice
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Mega Man 3 Theme” – Demetori
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’1″, 215 lbs
WRESTLING STYLE: Hybrid Wrestling
SIGNATURE MOVES: Nero Kick (Springboard Roundhouse Kick), Nero Kick EX (Spinning Enzugiri), Nero Kick EX Ultra (John Woo Dropkick), Springboard Superman Punch, Release Dragon Suplex, Running Yakuza Kick to cornered opponent, Tiger Spin, Elbow Strikes, Somersault Plancha, Reverse Hurricanrana
FINISHER: Justice Black (Detonation Kick) / Final Attack: Justice Beam!! (A double palm thrust to the chest of opponent, Nero yells his trademark “JUSTICE!!” each time he launches his special move.)

BIOGRAPHY: It was said that Super Skull Nero was once a young man who developed a strong case of “Chuunibyou”. No one could convince him that he WASN’T a Kamen Rider and thus his entire life he’s gone as SUPER SKULL NERO, Black Justice of Neo Tokyo. The reality of the matter is that he’s a superhero from the year 20XX who’s mission is to bring JUSTICE..ahem…to the world. But he can’t do it alone, that’s why he dragged along his childhood friend–SIDEKICK– Super Skull Moe-chan!! Together they fight off the forces of evil, bringing peace and calm to the people of this fine…wrestling company…yeah.


APPEARANCE: Nero is not too muscular and not too lean. He’s on that fine edge of an athletic build, showing some bulk behind his frame…but not too much. He wears a full body suit which looks of that of a skeleton. He wears a mask that covers his entire face. Around his neck he wears a red scarf, showing that he’s the leader of the Super Skull Force. He wears white gloves, and on his right wrist, what appears to be a…his communicator to call upon his badass motorcycle Skull n’ Bones (though between you and me…it’s plastic.) Along with his wrist communicator is his belt, the source of his power which transforms him into his powerful form of JUSTICE!!! He wears a pair of white boots and has knee pads that are underneath his bodysuit.

TAG TEAM: Super Skull Force
PARTNER: Super Skull Moe-Chan