Baron Von Powerbomb

NICKNAME: The Hapsburg Hammer
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Radetzky March” – Johann Strauss
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2″, 247 lbs
HOMETOWN: Innisfail, AB
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Impact/European
SIGNATURE MOVES: Edelweiss (Anaconda Vice), Greetings from Vienna (explosive lariat), Alpine Recline (Steiner Recliner), Snap Suplex, Cravate, European Uppercuts, Belly-To-Back Suplex (becomes enraged at calling it a “German” suplex), Kaiser Driver (Michinoku Driver), Half-Nelson Suplex, Bodyslam, The Hand of Ferdinand (pops opponent up in the air, and nails a blistering overhead open-hand chop to the chest as they fall)
FINISHER: Auf Weidersehen (Cross Rhodes) / Austro-Hungarian Compromise (Hangman’s Clutch – Arm trap inverted cravate)

BIOGRAPHY: The first son of a first son, Otto Von Powerbomb is a baron. Or rather, he should be, if his Opa hadn’t sold his title upon emigrating to Canada. Young Otto is bent on reclaiming his rightful title, and adding to his family’s prestige and heritage — by dominating NAPW and winning championship gold.

APPEARANCE: Von Powerbomb wears a singlet/long tights combo in black and red with gold highlights, and the Austrian coat of arms (eagle with sickle/hammer) on the front and back. He comes to the ring in a thick red robe with white, furry trim. Has a big, thick, twirly moustache.

“Bruiser” Breton

NICKNAME: Remy (Christian name)
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Born on the Bayou” – CCR
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’6″, 277 lbs
HOMETOWN: Crowley, Louisiana
WRESTLING STYLE: Power brawler
SIGNATURE MOVES: Hansen Lariat, Brody Jumping Kneedrop, Anderson Spinebuster, British Bulldog Running Powerslam, Tanaka Roaring Elbow, Rude Neckbreaker, Andre Bearhug, Luger Torture Rack, Race Diving Headbutt, Warrior Overhead Press Slam
FINISHER: Cajun Chickenwing (Crossface Chickenwing) / Bayou Bomb (Stiff powerbomb)

BIOGRAPHY: “Bruiser” Breton (Don’t call him Remy!) is a big ol’ Cajun boy who likes to have a good time and doesn’t like to deal with devious folk–so why he decided to go into wrestling, we may never understand. Instead of becoming a sheriff’s deputy (due to his dislike of baddies and his penchant for standing up against injustice)–with a very real chance that he could one day even become sheriff of New Iberia parish–he chose to take a wayward road that would lead him all around the world. Breton trained under Harley Race in Kansas City, even paying homage to one of the toughest men in the business by adopting his diving headbutt maneuver. Breton is fond of telling stories about Harley that often sound like already well established stories about the former champ. If you ask him about the story about how Harley once took down a venomous cobra, Breton goes into his deadpan Harley voice, explaining that he “baited him with the right and hooked him with the left.” And it is also rumored that Andre the Giant only feared two men in this world: Haku and Harley Race.

APPEARANCE: Late 20s, stringy black hair to his shoulders, swampy hazel eyes, a closely cropped beard and a rawboned face that reveals a genuine smile. His ring attire consists of a worn pair of overalls à la Hillbilly Jim, with one strap perpetually broken, and a fine pair of combat boots.

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Canadian Heritage Champion

Declan Black

NICKNAME: “The Black Dragon”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Keep A Good Man Down” – Thornley
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’5″, 230 lbs
HOMETOWN: Coral Gables, Florida, by way of Sydney, Nova Scotia
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Submission
SIGNATURE MOVES: Brainbuster, Multiple European Uppercut variations, Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex, Yakuza Kick, Dragon Suplex (can be bridged for a pinfall), Jumping Armbreaker, Knee Trembler, Snap Suplex, Roaring Elbow, Hangman’s Neckbreaker
FINISHER: Blackout (Wristlock transitioned into a short arm lariat) / Painkiller 2.0 (Inside armbar)

BIOGRAPHY: Declan Black was born to wealth. He really wishes he wasn’t. Not that it’s a bad ride, being a young, rich 25 year old. It kicks ass. Buys you an degree from Yale, lavish residences on every continent, cars, boats, planes…the works. But the reason why it sucks? Money doesn’t buy respect. In fact, it affords disdain. That’s what the young man dubbed “The Black Dragon” (for his fiery wrestling style, similar to Japanese Strong Style) has joined N to do away with: the idea that because he’s rich, he’s aloof and some kind of creampuff. Not so. Declan is hugely intelligent, but extremely introverted, he was at one point (mis)diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. His parents, displaying that particular Waspish tendency to ignore the problem, enrolled him in many classes in his youth, among them yachting, violin, and piano. As a result, he became a young man of many diverse talents. Four days before his twelfth birthday, he was assaulted by several other students at school, which caused him to start taking classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, against the advice of his parents, who thought it an “unseemly” practice. He practiced the sport for a little over six years, eventually earning a purple belt.

Declan began training under former Ring of Fire and New Era Wrestling (among others) World Champion Robbie Priest at the age of 20, under the condition that he would finish his degree at Yale. Black honored his promise, and graduated from Yale in 2011, finishing his training shortly after. He headed for Japan’s Fire Pro Wrestling for two tours, from the fall of 2011 to the summer of 2012, even winning the 2012 Best of the Top Juniors Tournament in March. After returning stateside in October, he had a brief tenure in HCWA, ending with the collapse of that promotion. He spent most of the intervening months wrestling through Europe, Germany in particular, and perfecting his Blackout lariat to the point that many now call it the best lariat in wrestling.

In early October of 2013, his good friend D.C. Wiland placed a call to him, and Declan and Danielle hopped onto his trusty jet and headed off to bust some skulls in GHW. The pair, known as The Dynasty, held the company’s inaugural tag team championships, and were never defeated for the belts, Declan having to surrender his half after injuring his neck in January 2014. The company collapsed before Declan was able to return. In April of that year, he signed a deal with Force One Wrestling that afforded him 15% of the company, but he would leave shortly after losing that stake, due to personal issues with management. He has signed with NAPW to return to his native Canada, and pursue his first solo world championship.

APPEARANCE: Comes to the ring in a black, sleeveless, floor length ring jacket with gold accents. In the ring wears traditional black short tights with gold accents, with matching boots, as well as matching knee and elbow pads.

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: NAPW World Champion, 2014 Battlebowl Winner

El Honcho

NICKNAME: Greasadore, King of Cool
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Leader of the Pack” – Shangri-Las
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 7′, 300 lbs
HOMETOWN: Westside Mexico City
SIGNATURE MOVES: Stalling belly-to-belly suplex, Bear Hug, Cruisin’ The Dub (Bronco Buster), Belly-to-Back Suplex, massive elbow drop, big boot/snake eyes, flying clothesline, Greased Lightning (running Senton splash), Slick Kick (Bicycle Kick)
FINISHER: Stay Gold, Ponyboy (Splash Mountain/Sit-out Crucifix Powerbomb) / Dead Man’s Curve (Two-Handed Turning Sit-Out Chokeslam)

BIOGRAPHY: Brought into the NAPW on a whim by The Rabble, very little is known about El Honcho. Rumour has it he grew up with no entertainment except a small TV and two VHS tapes – “Grease” and “The Outsiders.” Now, El Honcho looks to dominate NAPW as the Greasadore King of Cool — when he’s not checking his hair out in the mirror or fine-tuning his ’56 Chevy hot rod.

APPEARANCE: Wears a full-body luchadore outfit that resembles black jeans and a white t-shirt. He has a lucha mask bearing ‘shades’ and ‘slicked back hair’, and he’s absolutely full of his physique. Comes to the ring in a black leather jacket with ‘El Honcho’ written across the back in diamantes.

Jay Deschain

NICKNAME: “The Perfect Storm”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “In Waves” – Trivium (preceded by “Capsizing the Sea” for big matches)
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’1″, 241 lbs
HOMETOWN: Black Diamond, WA
WRESTLING STYLE: Hard-hitting Technical, mixing Mitsuharu Misawa, Bret Hart, and Chris Hero. Tactically, he’s pretty much a heavyweight King’s Road version of douchbag Strong Style heel Davey Richards, using stiff AJPW/NOAH trademarks like hard elbow strikes and reckless dangerous suplexes.
SIGNATURE MOVES: Puro-style elbow strikes, Stalling Vertical Suplex (giving all of those in attendance the finger as he holds it), German Suplex (usually released, occasionally with a bridging pin), Tornado Buster (Arn Anderson-style Spinebuster, usually sets up for the High Tide Lock), Flash Flood Driver (Death Valley Bomb/Driver), Undertow (Ring Post Figure-Four), Monsoonplex (head-and-arm overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex), the Maelstrom (a twist on the old ECW Taz spot where Jay back mounts the opponent and clubs the sides of their face with stiff lariat-like forearms, occasionally mixing in elbow strikes to the back of the head).
FINISHER: Rolling Blackout (Rolling elbow, now done with different variations. Refer to Chris Hero’s versions of his elbow finishers) / High Tide Lock (deep-set Sharpshooter)

BIOGRAPHY: Growing up in rural Black Diamond, over thirty miles outside of Seattle, Jay didn’t care for the redneck way of living that his peers enjoyed. He hated hunting (he hated getting up early for anything, frankly). He abhorred Country music. One thing he did love was professional wrestling. That, and Metal. Oh, and vintage video games. Throughout his upbringing, everything he did was in preparation for the nomadic life of a wrestler: years of martial arts training, joining the wrestling team in junior high and high school, passing up a social life with exposure to popularity and girls. Okay, so the last one might have been a result of his own lack of acceptable social skills.

Anyway, the time finally came, and he graduated high school, to which he immediately moved on to the school that he always wanted to attend: technical college. TECHNICAL WRESTLING COLLEGE, that is, emulating his heroes of mat savvy. It was there that Jay found the self-confidence that he had always lacked, which may or may not be a good thing. Now, this young, ambitious, and maybe a little bit cocky fighter has found his way to Alberta, Canada, once a technical wrestling mecca, to find his holy land… and maybe win over some fans along the way.

While skilled and talented, Jay is young, and prone to making rookie mistakes, especially as positive crowd reaction for him grows.

In recent months, Jay Deschain has turned to using questionable tactics to winning his matches. By the time he won the 2014 Canada Cup, he completely turned his back on the fans, using a chair to bludgeon Kris Jacobson into unconsciousness and even attacking Kris’ father Chase. Jay no longer allows the restrictions of rules and respect to get in the way of having his arm raised.

APPEARANCE: Physical: Long, wavy dark brown hair, with a thin chin strap that connects his sideburns to his carefully pointed goatee. Over the past few months, especially since taking on a more grounded in-ring style, Jay has developed a broader, more thickened build, similar to early 90’s Rick Steiner with chest hair. A sleeve tattoo of realistic lightning bolts runs from over his left shoulder down to his wrist, and a sketch-stylized tornado tattoo spreads over his right bicep.

Attire: a single black elbow pad on his right elbow, dark navy blue long tights with black and white Japanese-style ocean mural on both legs. Heavy knee pads and boots that match the color scheme of his tights.

Entrance: Long dark navy blue sleeveless hooded trench coat with the aforementioned tornado logo on the back.

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2014 Canada Cup Winner, NAPW World Champion

Lambert Haniel

NICKNAME: “The Time Travelling, Intergalactic Lord of All Funk and Love”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Are You Experienced” – Jimi Hendrix Experience
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2″, 243 lbs
HOMETOWN: The Pattern at the Center of All Space and Time
SIGNATURE MOVES: Running spinning back elbow-smash to the face, leaping leg lariat, double axe handle smash off the top rope, legsweeps galore, leaping tackles with flailing arms and knees, funky avoided moves to reply with throatchops, headbutts, eyepokes, Trinity Site New Mexico (Straightjacket Piledriver), Acts 17:26 (Springboard corkscrew elbow drop), The Internal Monologue of a Cat (Hooking roundhouse kick), There is no peace but what can be taken (Hammerlock German suplex), That Reversal Kick (Ducking of a running attack, handspring into rebound off the ringropes, leaping kick to the face upon return)
FINISHER: When the last living thing dies, my job is finished. I’ll put the chairs on tables, turn out the lights and lock the universe behind me when I leave (Boma Ye – Running leaping knee to kneeling/sitting wrestler’s temple)

BIOGRAPHY: Lambert is a dimension-walking, time-travelling being who puts those silly Time Lords and Highlanders to shame. He was born before time and has seen the end of the universe dozens of times over, and fears nothing in this, or any other reality. There is nothing that can truly stop his wanderings throughout all of creation. Be glad that Lambert has no schemes for universal domination, for there is little to nothing that could stop him. His physical prowess is without compare, and his mind works faster than all computing power on the planet Earth combined and multipled a few hundred times. He is the alpha and the omega. He is the spark of life within all things, and he is the last gasp of a candle flame after it is blown out.

Or he is a guy who has a really weird friggin’ gimmick and likes to mess with people. Either way.

Lambert fights with the skill and tactics of a man who has been unbound from the common thread of reality, and does not adhere to any one style. Not being a super tall man, Lambert will regularly take to the air and use running attacks, as well as extremely unorthodox, desperate moves. Think flailing limbs, avoidances of typical wrestling lockups and wristlocks, brutal strikes out of nowhere and snappy, quick moves. He does not engage in submission wrestling, and is not likely to overpower much of anyone. Therefore, he must rely on his speed, agility, grace and flexibility to win the day.

APPEARANCE: http://i.imgur.com/1SUGxoT.jpg Freddie Mercury, as of Live Aid ’85. Lambert will often wear impeccably tailored clothing when backstage or not in the ring, but will strip to the waist when getting into the ring. When in the ring, he’ll be wearing whatever pants he had been wearing(Usually white linen trousers) over a pair of black wrestling boots.

TAG TEAM: Those That Would Inflict Ill



ENTRANCE MUSIC: “All About You” – The Berzerker
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2″, 320 lbs
HOMETOWN: New York City, New York
SIGNATURE MOVES: Grim Facade (Reverse tiger suplex with preceding headbutts), Running big splash, Overhead belly to belly suplex, Snap powerslam, T-Bone suplex, Gargoyle suplex
FINISHER: Total Masakre (Gorilla press into an over-the-shoulder powerslam)

BIOGRAPHY: Mark Myers is a dangerously delusional individual who claims to draw inspiration from a black mask with ever-changing/evolving markings. Myers believes that when he dons the mask for a match, he becomes an entirely different person, incapable of independent thought – he refers to this ‘character’ as Masakre.

Guided entirely by the mask itself, Masakre is a maniacal manbeast who exhibits absolutely no fear and an unquenchable thirst for destruction. Unruly and uncontrollable in this guise, Mark Myers – a relatively sane individual by comparison – refuses to accept any culpability whatsoever for his actions when under the ‘control’ of the mask – and yet he seems to revel in the mayhem, and enjoys re-watching his performances, admiring the havoc he has created.

APPEARANCE: Big, powerful, thickly set – long black hair, and a dense mat of chest hair beneath whatever black lycra-T shirt ensemble he can cobble together, Mark Myers doesn’t much care what he looks like – because it’s all about the mask.

Originally black, the mask bears markings that change in colour and style from appearance-to-appearance – somewhat like Rorschach’s mask, though it’s obviously incapable of physically changing.

PARTNER: Matanza


ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Brujerizmo” – Brujeria
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2″, 245 lbs
HOMETOWN: Monterrey, Mexico
SIGNATURE MOVES: Chop to the throat, High-angle back body drop, German suplex, Clothesline from behind, Inverted death valley driver from a short arm whip, Springboard cross body (from outside-to-in or inside-to-out), 540 spinning DDT, no-hands diving plancha over the top rope
FINISHER: Mass Matanza (Michinoku Driver) / Machete (huge diving lariat)

BIOGRAPHY: Alejandro Ayala is a Mexican brawler/luchadore with an unspectacular track record. Originally wrestling under a generic golden luchador mask and known as La Azteca, Ayala had very limited success – and the pain of mediocrity slowly started driving him to taking large, often stupid risks in-ring.

During this time, few realized (or cared) about Ayala’s mental health. Slowly starting to exhibit signs of severe stress and possible schizophrenia, Ayala began to talk about a friend of his, “Matanza”, who would come and assist him on the path to ultimate glory. One day “Matanza” appeared – and a brutal backstage beat down of other wrestlers occurred that saw him axed from a number of regional promotions. “Matanza”, in fact, was Ayala himself, under a new mask, a black lucha mask whose appearance changed to represent his mood swings… a familiar tale to those in NAPW…

APPEARANCE: A large luchador, Ayala now dons an ever-changing black luchadore mask and black tights. His torso is moderately toned, though not exactly ripped, and he could probably easily drop 15-20 lbs. He has no tattoos, but he has numerous scars which may be attributable to self-harming – or it may just be scars derived from battle. His eyes are a burning dark brown, and his stare is ever-intense no matter the topic of conversation. He has strange mannerisms and tics that suggest some kind of mental health problems.

PARTNER: Masakre


NICKNAME: “The Sleeping One”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Counting Bodies Like Sheep” – A Perfect Circle
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’11”, 280 lbs
HOMETOWN: The Swirling Vortex of All Chaos In This And Every Reality
WRESTLING STYLE: Power. Monster. Brute. Smasher. Destroyer.
SIGNATURE MOVES: Ringpost foot-choke, sleeper hold, Dragon sleeper, ringcorner repeated elbows, Oklahoma Stampede (Over-the-shoulder powerslam into turnbuckles, then running powerslam to the center of the ring), The Angel’s Broken, Plucked Wings (standing butterfly lock/elevated double chickenwing hold), Enhanced Interrogation (Torture Rack), The Sweet Fare-The-Well (Chokeslam over the top rope, out of the ring), “Excedrin Headache Number 9” (Nobody pulls back the protective mats at ringside and powerbombs someone onto the concrete floor)
FINISHER: Green Flash (Belly-to-back reversed sit-out Michinoku Driver/Omega Driver) / Force of an Exploding Sun (Pounce… PERIOD.)

BIOGRAPHY: Nobody is the consort and life-partner of Lambert Haniel, and is the greatest warrior of the dimension that he found her in. After fighting her way through all comers, she ended up sitting in the frozen, trackless wastes for a few thousand years, her sword by her side. When Lambert showed up, she attempted to kill this newcomer, but was unable to. Partially because he’s a quick little bugger, partially because he was being so dashingly charming to her, and partially because he wasn’t fighting back. After she grew tired and he managed to talk with her for some time, they set off to explore the multiverse together.

Ooooor she’s just a huge lady that Lambert met while running the shitty indies in the Northern and Yukon Territories who chooses to wear a creepy blank mask.

APPEARANCE: Nobody is a nearly seven foot tall woman built like a warrior from Game of Thrones. She wears a blank white full head-covering mask which she decorates with sayings, designs, smiley faces and other things intended to do the talking for her. She is otherwise entirely silent, aside from grunts and other noises along those lines. She lets Lambert do all the talking for her, or chooses to settle her issues on the battlefield. She wears a pair of black spandex ringpants and a pair of knee-high boots, perfect for kicks and stomps and other foot-related ways to cause destruction. Her upper body outfit changes, but unless otherwise specified, will likely be a white tee-shirt with a sports bra behind it.

TAG TEAM: Those That Would Inflict Ill
PARTNER: Lambert Haniel


Prince Wadjethotep

ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Egypt” – Merciful Fate
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’8″, 175 lbs
HOMETOWN: The Ancient City of Dep
WRESTLING STYLE: Luchoresu/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
SIGNATURE MOVES: Quebrada (springboard moonsault), Running hurricanrana, Corkscrew moonsault (used on both standing and downed opponents), Leg lariat, Jump swinging/Tornado DDT, Devil Windmill suplex (release underhook hammerlock suplex), Snake Bite (Sliding D), Wadjethotep Special – (Minoru Special – flying headscissors into armbar), Wings of Isis (Sasuke Special II – cartwheel no-hands dive over the top rope), Wadjethotep clutch (Delfin clutch – arm & leg tie-up arrogant pin)
FINISHER: Eye of Horus (Busaiku knee kick) / Eye of Ra (Phoenix Splash)

BIOGRAPHY: Prince Wadjethotep appeared on the scene in November 2013 and has been making a name for himself ever since. Wadjethotep has been spending his time as a journeyman, bouncing from promotion to promotion on both sides of the Atlantic. Wadjethotep has come to NAPW to assist friends Squirrelly Nuttz and Declan Black.

APPEARANCE: Prince Wadjethotep wears long tights, kickpads, and wrestling shoes. The colors tend to change along with what mask he is wearing for the night. He wears a mask that depicts a cobra with its hood up to give the impression that he is an anthropomorphic cobra to go along with the belief that he is the adopted son of the Egyptian goddess Wadjet.

TAG TEAM: Rock City Wrecking Crew
PARTNER: Squirrelly Nuttz

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Canadian Heritage Champion


ENTRANCE MUSIC: “777” – Danzig
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’11”, 298 lbs
HOMETOWN: Parts Unknown
WRESTLING STYLE: Big guy. Brawler. Big moves.
SIGNATURE MOVES: The Constrictor (Bear Hug), Cobra Twist (Abdominal Stretch), Choke Slam, Sidewalk Slam, Running Lariat, Powerbomb
FINISHER: Orochi’s Plaything (Von Erich Claw)

BIO: Python, once called Machine, is of unknown origin. He has recently become a devotee of the Order of Orochi.

APPEARANCE: Python is tall, thick and powerful. He wears dark green tights with a scaly pattern on them, and black boots. He wears a dark green and black lucha mask, with the letter P on the top. He uses electric tape around his wrists and hands.

TAG TEAM: The Order of Orochi
PARTNER: Viper Tokara

Squirrelly Nuttz

NICKNAME: “The Horror of Humanity”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Mommy can I go out and kill tonight” – The Misfits
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’0″, 188 lbs
HOMETOWN: Amsterdam, New York
WRESTLING STYLE: Brawler/Deathmatch
SIGNATURE MOVES: Headbutts, Slingshot Brainbuster, Halfbreed Hammer (Polish Hammer), Boots and Stomps, Roaring Elbow, Death Valley Driver, Elbow Drops, Iron Claw, Camel Clutch, Foreign Objects
FINISHER: Lawn Dart (Rebound Flying Headbutt) / Jumping Piledriver

BIOGRAPHY: Born Joell Wezowicz to a Puerto Rican mother and white father, Squirrelly’s life hasn’t always been the best. He grew up in poverty and quickly developed a tendency for bad habits. He has constantly been in some kind of trouble since he was a teenager. Around the same time however he met Ty Hall. The two bonded over the lack of family life they had and became close. Ty is now blowing up in the wrestling world as Prince Wadjethotep, and it didn’t take long for Squirrelly to become jealous. Always a sub par wrestler with a niche for the dangerous side of things Squirrelly wants to step out of Hotep’s shadow and make a name for himself in the wrestling business.

APPEARANCE: Usually whatever he is wearing that night. Anything from jeans, to basketball shorts, to sometimes trunks. The only constant is that he always wrestles shirtless and barefoot. The only exception on shoes is when he’s in a Deathmatch.

TAG TEAM: Rock City Wrecking Crew
PARTNER: Prince Wadjethotep

Viper Tokara

ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Ningen Gari” – Seikima-II
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’11”, 210 lbs
HOMETOWN: The River of Hii
WRESTLING STYLE: Lucha Libre/Grappler
SIGNATURE MOVES: Poison Fog (Tokara spews a colored mist into his opponents eyes,) Coachwhip (Multiple slaps followed by a spinning chop followed by a roundhouse kick to the side of the head,) Koji Clutch, Shining Wizard, Tarantula, Rolling Triangle Lancer, Rope Walking Armdrag, Diving Double Knee Drop to an Opponent’s Chest, Cobra Clutch Suplex
FINISHER: Kamikorosu (Cross-Legged sitout scoop slam piledriver) / Oshikorosu (Pentagram chokehold)

BIO: An adherent of the mysterious “Order of Orochi” – a worldwide cult of snake worshipers. Viper Tokara looks to follow the edicts of his mysterious masters, and forward their sinister, serpentine agenda in NAPW.

APPEARANCE: Tokara wears a black one-sleeved shirt and PVC pants, along with green bands on his forearms. His left arm is bare, showing off an impressive tattoo of a king cobra. All of his clothing has green and gold snake motifs twisting across them. Most notably, Tokara wears a black and green lucha-style mask that looks like a red-eyed, fanged serpent.

TAG TEAM: The Order of Orochi