NAPW Ownership

Originally, the NAPW was owned by former wrestler “Wahoo” Bobby Winchell. After the collapse of the federation in 2010, Wahoo fully retired from the business. Since then, a group of mysterious financial backers got together to restart the federation. It’s believed that Wahoo’s son, Robert Winchell III, is one of the owners – but nothing is being confirmed or denied. Regardless, the financial backers of the NAPW remain a nebulous background group.

NAPW Commissioner

Terry Brandon
The public face of the NAPW, and the man running things backstage during events. Generally speaking, the fast-talking southerner and former wrestler/manager is the guy calling the shots. It can be assumed that he has the NAPW Owners’ support in all matters.


Frank Warburton
The baritone voice of the NAPW ring! Frank Warburton is also an active force behind the scenes on the business end of NAPW.

Bill Hewson
Calling the action at ringside, Bill Hewson is the cool head who provides play-by-play for all NAPW events. Hewson is a long-time observer of the sport, and has a deep knowledge of professional wrestling.

Jack “Attack” Jones
Retired wrestler Jack Jones provides colour commentary for all NAPW events. An old hand at the business, Jack Attack has worked in the ring and out in a dozen promotions. He’s a man with a million stories!


Head Referee Morgan Smythe
Morgan is the only member of the old-guard reffing staff to return. She’s now the head referee for the NAPW, and though she’s petite, the fiery red-head doesn’t let herself get pushed around by the wrestlers. Recently pregnant, Smythe has taken a leave of absence from in-ring activity.

Senior Referee Martin Chan
Martin Chan used to call MMA and boxing matches, but recently made the transition to the wrestling ring. Now the head referee as Smythe takes her maternity leave.

Junior Referee Stewie Lamoine
Stewie Lamoine is young, tall, and eager to be part of the wrestling world.

“The Moose” Mark Miller
The Alberta Roughneck, and former Canadian Heritage Champion, may be retired from active competition, but brings his raw strength to bear as the one official who can truly “enforce” the rules.

Other Staff

Jake Phoenix
Back with the NAPW, former “Murder City Devil” Jake Phoenix has been brought aboard to head security for the promotion. Not only is he in charge of enforcing order backstage, Phoenix and his Oakleys also make sure things don’t get out of hand in the ring. When Jake Phoenix comes out, playtime’s over.

Megan Adams
Former Edmonton SUN sports reporter Megan Adams has previously worked with the NAPW in media relations during its original run, and has resumed the role. She also hosts the streaming NAPW internet talk show “A Week In Review,” and authors the monthly “Megan’s Musings” feature.

Gregor Watt
NAPW’s premier (and only) backstage interviewer, Gregor Watt is a journalism major at the University of Alberta and life-long wrestling fan. He lacks a certain confidence when face-to-face with bruising pro wrestlers…