RED MENACE 01/28/15


Nuker vs Bruiser Breton
Crimson Mask vs Squirrelly Nuttz (Street Fight)
Super Skull Force & The Mexecutioner vs Order of Orochi & El Honcho
Mantaurs vs LEGION
Sammy Devine vs Prince Wadjethotep (Canadian Heritage Championship)
Those That Would Inflict Ill vs Abbey Graves & Kris Jacobson (Tag Team Championship)
Brett Owens vs Jay Deschain
Declan Black vs Anton Petrov (NAPW World Championship)

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House Show 01/27/15

Calgary AB
January 27 2015

Nuker & Mantaurs defeated Bruiser Breton, Baron Von Powerbomb, & El Honcho — Nuker & Breton brawled down the aisle and Mantaurs pinned Von Powerbomb after a pair of Dragon Splashes! El Honcho tried to attack Mantaurs after the bell, but the brother beasts took him down with double running axhandle smashes!

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DOMINION 11/28/14


Anton Petrov vs Bruiser Breton
Young Turks vs Order of Orochi
Sammy Devine vs Cuzin Eddie vs Prince Wadjethotep vs Squirrelly Nuttz (Canadian Heritage Championship)
Kris Jacobson & The Phenomenons & Jason Richards vs Clancy King & Blake Taylor & Baron Von Powerbomb & El Honcho
Those That Would Inflict Ill vs Legion (Tag Team Championship)
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House Show 10/27/14

Calgary, AB
October 27, 2014

-In a singles match preview for the #1 Contender’s match to the Tag Team championship, the monster Masakre pinned a game Colton Sterling, countering a top-rope flying clothesline with Total Masakre.

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LEGION vs The Order of Orochi
Bruiser Breton vs Crimson Mask (Canadian Heritage Championship)
Sammy Devine & Anton Petrov vs Jay Deschain & Joshua Rapture
Future Shock vs Those That Would Inflict Ill
Cuzin Eddie vs Squirrelly Nuttz (Falls Count Anywhere)
The Phenomenons vs A-Team (Tag Team Championship)

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2014 CANADA CUP – NIGHT 1 03/30/2014

NAPW CanadaCup1v2
Jay Deschain vs Bruce Caliber
Xristus vs Viper Tokara
Anton Petrov vs Miguel Morrison
Bryan Marshall vs Sammy Devine
Joshua Rapture vs Python
Andellion Moonwater vs Kris Jacobson
Cuzin Eddie vs Lardo
J.C. Chapman vs Masakre
The A-Team vs The Rabble (Tag Team Championship)
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