Title History



11.28.2013: Anton Petrov d. Atlas, Jay Deschain and Masakre for the vacant NAPW Championship (last pins Atlas with Soviet Steamroller)
Title Defenses:
12.29.2013: d. “Starmaker” Sammy Devine (pinfall, Super Soviet Steamroller)
01.29.2014: d. Atlas (pinfall, Soviet Spike)

02.26.2014: Clancy King d. Anton Petrov (pinfall, Coronation)

03.31.2014: Abbey Graves d. Clancy King (pinfall, Abbey Graves Drop)
Title Defenses:
04.29.2014: d. Anton Petrov and Clancy King (pinfall, Abbey Graves Drop)
05.28.2014: l. Jay Deschain (disqualification, Jay Deschain is an asshole)
06.28.2014: d. Joshua Rapture (submission, Dragon Sleeper)
07.28.2014: d. Declan Black (pinfall, Abbey Graves Drop)
08.28.2014: d. Jay Deschain (pinfall, Yakuza Kick/Inside Cradle)

09.28.2014: Jay Deschain d. Abbey Graves in a Last Person Standing match (Flash Flood Driver II)
Title Defenses:
10.27.2014: d. Grillo Jr in Calgary, AB (pinfall, Rolling Blackout)
10.28.2014: l. Kris Jacobson (disqualification, Dynasty attack)
11.28.2014: vs Declan Black (no contest)

12.28.2014: Declan Black d. Jay Deschain, Abbey Graves, Anton Petrov, Bruiser Breton, Kris Jacobson (Battlebowl)
Title Defenses:
01.28.2015: d. Anton Petrov (pinfall, Blackout)
02.26.2015: d. Chase Jacobson in Calgary, AB (pinfall, Blackout)
02.27.2015: d. Bruiser Breton in Edmonton, AB (disqualification, Abbey Graves attacks Black)
03.28.2015: vs Kris Jacobson (no-contest, Jay Deschain & Jake Phoenix attack both men)


CURRENT CHAMPIONS: Angels of Cowtown

01.29.2014: A-Team d. The Rabble, Usual Suspects and Kentucky Hellbillies in a TLC match for the vacant Tag Team Championship
Title Defenses:
02.26.2014: d. The Rabble (pinfall, ’86 Hogan Leg Drop)

03.30.2014: The Rabble d. The A-Team (pinfall, Get Eurotrashed)
Title Defenses:
04.29.2014: l. Sammy Devine & Cuzin Eddie (disqualification, blatant interference)
05.28.2014: d. LEGION (disqualification, Masakre goes berserk)

06.28.2014: The Phenomenons d. The Rabble, Those That Would Inflict Ill and Future Shock (TAGSTRAVAGANZA match, Phenomenons eliminate Future Shock, Phenomenal Ending through a table)
Title Defenses:
07.29.2014: d. A-Team (pinfall, Kentucky Hellbillies interfere)
08.28.2014: d. Those That Would Inflict Ill (pinfall, fake title belt explodes on impact, flash pin)
09.28.2014: d. The Rabble (pinfall, The Main Event on Ernst)

10.28.2014: Those That Would Inflict Ill d. The Phenomenons (pinfall, Force of an Exploding Sun)
Title Defenses:
11.27.2014: d. The Phenomenons (pinfall, Boma Ye)
11.28.2014: d. LEGION (pinfall, three Boma Ye)
12.28.2014: d. Crimson Intervention (Crimson Mask & Sammy Devine) (pinfall, Boma Ye)
01.28.2015: d. Abbey Graves & Kris Jacobson (pinfall, Force of an Exploding Sun)
02.26.2015: d. Super Skull Force in Calgary, AB (pinfall, Force of an Exploding Sun/Green Flash)

03.28.2015: Angels of Cowtown d. Those That Would Inflict Ill (pinfall, Beltline Beatdown)


CURRENT CHAMPION: Prince Wadjethotep

05.28.2014: Sammy Devine wins the vacant title in a five-man melee including Andellion Moonwater, Atlas, Cuzin Eddie and Kris Jacobson (Devine pins Jacobson, Divine Intervention)

06.28.2014: Bruiser Breton d. Sammy Devine (pinfall, chain shot/Bayou Bomb)
Title Defenses:
07.29.2014: d. Crimson Mask (pinfall, chain shot/Bayou Bomb)
08.28.2014: d. Andellion Moonwater (pinfall, chain shot/Bayou Bomb)

10.28.2014: Sammy Devine d. Bruiser Breton (pinfall, Devine Intervention)
Title Defenses:
11.27.2014: vs Anton Petrov (Time Limit Draw)
11.28.2014: d. Squirrelly Nuttz, Prince Wadjethotep, Cuzin Eddie (pinfall on Hotep, Devine Intervention)
12.28.2014: d. Jason Richards (pinfall, Devine Intervention)
01.27.2015: d. The Mexecutioner (pinfall, Devine Intervention)

01.28.2015: Prince Wadjethotep d. Sammy Devine (pinfall, belt shot/Eye of Horus)
Title Defenses:
02.26.2015: d. Nuker in Calgary, AB (pinfall, Eye of Horus)
02.27.2015: d. Crimson Mask in Edmonton, AB (pinfall, Eye of Horus)
03.28.2015: d. Sammy Devine in a 2/3 Falls match


2013: Abbey Graves (d. Masakre, Johnny Southside, Jay Deschain, Andellion Moonwater, Joshua Rapture)
2014: Declan Black (d. Jay Deschain, Abbey Graves, Anton Petrov, Bruiser Breton, Kris Jacobson)

2014: Jay Deschain (d. Bruce Caliber, Xristus, Sammy Devine, Kris Jacobson)

2014: The Phenomenons (d. The Rabble, Those That Would Inflict Ill, Future Shock)

2014: “Lionheart” Kris Jacobson (Last eliminates Nobody)

Complete NAPW title histories since 2005 are available at the archive.